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Case ID 1417 - Penis Enhancement Analysis

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Subject Information

Submission Date: 01/08/2009
Subject Age: 24
Starting Penis Length: 6"
Starting Penis Girth: 4.5"
Penile Characteristics: uncircumcised/no genital piercings
Penile Curvature: moderate
Experience Level: medium


  • Increase the length of penis
  • Increase thickness of penis
  • Enhance erection hardness
  • Boost sexual stamina and endurance

Preliminary Analysis
Subjects initial starting penis length is considered average/slightly below average. Current penis thickness (girth) measurement is classified as medium/average. Substantial room exists for improvement in both measurements. The absence of penis/genital piercings requires no special consideration in training methods. As the subject wishes to increase both penis length and width and there is some amount of penile straightening possible as noticed by the presence of moderate curvature, it is this analysts initial recommendation that a combined traction device and exercise program be used to reach optimum results and satisfy all required goals.

Best Practices

Penis Extender Device
The most effective method for increasing the length and width of the penis is through the use of a certified traction device. A prolonged and persistent expansion of the penile shaft enables cellular growth and division within the tissues of the Corpora Cavernosa, Corpus Spongium and Cavernosal Arteries. In addition to an increase in overall tissue mass, the consistent stretching pressure also effectively straightens the penis and corrects curvature.

Penis Exercise Routine
A manual stretching exercise program will further stimulate cellular response through specific massage and stimulation techniques. Targeted exercises should be employed to increase size (both length and width) and improve erection hardness and rigidity. The resulting relaxation of vascular smooth muscle will serve to increase blood flow to the penis thereby improving erectile response and heightening sexual stamina.

To achieve all objectives safely and in an acceptable time-frame, a synergistic approach combining natural penis exercises along with the use of a penis extender device should be employed. Maximum stimulation for growth is supplied by the device which also facilitates straightening of the penis shaft††. The addition of supplementary exercises helps to improve erection strength and promote healthier blood flow to enhance overall penile functioning and performance.

Analysis Recommendation

Considering the subject's specific circumstances and requirements, it is my recommendation that the SizeGenetics™ Fast Gains System would be the best method to provide effective and permanent results.

The complete system includes a Type 1 Medical Extender Device with spare replacement parts as well as access to the PenisHealth™ natural penis exercise program. It is covered by a full 6 month money back guarantee and an optional 24 month extended warranty is also available.

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Study Confirms Penis Extender Effectiveness
††Penile Extenders Medically Proven to Increase Penis Size

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