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  • Case ID: 1421

Case ID 1421 - Penis Enhancement Analysis

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Subject Information

Submission Date: 01/16/2009
Subject Age: 45
Starting Penis Length: 7.25"
Starting Penis Girth: 6"
Penile Characteristics: circumcised/no piercings
Penile Curvature: moderate
Experience Level: medium


  • Increase semen production
  • Enhance erection hardness
  • Boost sexual endurance and stamina

Preliminary Analysis
Subjects initial starting penis length is classified as 'slightly above average'. Current penile girth (thickness) is in the 20 percentile range and should be considered 'above average'. The absence of penis piercings and presence of only moderate curvature does not require the use of any specialized training methods. As the subject wishes to enhance performance, erection rigidity as well as increase semen output, it is this analysts initial recommendation that testosterone levels be increased through the use of specific semen volumizing supplements.

Best Practices

Semen Volumizer Pills
Semen volumizer supplements work to boost the output of semen and sperm by naturally increasing the level of testosterone within the body. The resulting elevated hormone levels serve to enhance the volume of ejaculate produced. In addition, these pills also increase the flow of blood to the penis by opening up vital capillaries thereby allowing a greater amount of blood to enter the penis and engorge the spongy tissues of the Corposa Cavernosa and Corpus Spongiosum. This in turn produces stronger, longer and harder erections.

To achieve the subject's desired objectives in a safe and natural fashion, special consideration should be given to elevating internal testosterone levels. A daily regime of semen volumizer supplements will serve to improve erection strength, promote healthier blood flow to the penis, boost semen output and enhance overall penile functioning and performance.

Analysis Recommendation

Considering the subject's specific enhancement requirements, it is my recommendation that VolumePills™ be taken two (2) times per day as a dietary supplement. Maximum effectiveness is generally reached within a 6-12 month time frame of regular use. A Full 1 Year Supply includes access to a natural penis exercise program as well as several other valuable bonuses and guides.

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