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intimate coupleGiven the opportunity, it's probably safe to say that most men would jump at the prospect of adding additional inches to their penis size. In fact many men today are practicing a variety of penis enlargement techniques to accomplish this very goal. But while creating a longer and thicker penis is becoming a reality for more and more men, the implications associated with having a large penis are often overlooked.

For the majority of men, the size of their penis will remain constant after undergoing puberty at around the age of 18. From this point forward each individual begins to adjust to their own unique proportions and learns to become comfortable with their "equipment." When one starts on the practice of naturally enlarging the penis, however, many things start to change. Everything from clothes that are worn to sexual practices need to be re-evaluated.

For example, the undergarments that a man with an erect 6 inch penis wears may not be suitable for a man whose penis is 8 inches or more. Tight briefs can start to become uncomfortable and may be replaced by boxer shorts which allow for more freedom in the genital region.

Similarly, the size of condoms which you may have become accustomed to will need to be adjusted. Wearing condoms that are not properly fitted are not only uncomfortable but can also lead to a rupture in the material. This entirely defeats their purpose and exposes you to unplanned pregnancies and the risk of sexually transmitted diseases. Fortunately most condom manufacturers now supply extra large condoms for well-endowed men such as the Magnum by Trojan and other XXL brands.

Probably the most significant change that has to be addressed is the way in which sexual intercourse itself is performed. A man with an average sized 6 inch penis usually will not have much of a problem when penetrating the vagina - this of course also depends on the actual tightness of the vagina in question. But a man who has an overly large penis may find entry much more difficult.

Keep in mind that many women have never experienced a very large penis and can find it uncomfortable or even painful. It is therefore of utmost importance to begin slowly and to never force the entry. Full penetration should only be done when the vagina is relaxed and well lubricated.

In order to assure that sex is pleasurable for both partners, proper lubrication of the vaginal opening is a prerequisite. While a lubricating gel can easy accomplish this, it is not at all necessary. With proper attention given to foreplay, most women are more than capable of generating their own lubrication. Gently massaging the labia, clitoris and pubic area will help to relax the muscles of the vagina and prepare it for penetration.

Once the area is thoroughly moist you can begin to gently rub the head of the penis against the vaginal opening and gradually work your way in deeper. Again, it is very important to do this in a slow and gentle manner until your partner has become accustomed to your full size. Although the vagina is quite resilient and capable of significant stretching, as obvioused by childbirth, thoughts should always remain on making the experience as pleasurable as possible.

Ultimately, increasing the size of your penis requires a lifestyle re-adjustment and extends far beyond the obvious superficial changes. Having a large penis means adapting to a brand-new condition and learning ways of dealing with new concerns. Is it worth it? Absolutely.

Posted by PRS
Thursday, October 4th, 2007

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7 Responses to "Adjusting To A Large Penis"

i m 26 year old man i have some problem with my penis, i have not tightnes in my penis & i have not still long time with sex period my penis length is 4inches so plz tell me how can i increase my penis length

Hello faimul,

Experiencing difficulty in achieving and sustaining an erection is known as erectile dysfunction - many men suffer from this condition. It is always best to consult with a physician who can diagnose the problem and make recommendations (medications like Viagra or Cialis are often prescribed).

If you would prefer an all-natural remedy then I suggest using a combination of exercise and herbal supplements to strengthen and enhance your entire genital region. ProSolution Pills offers a highly effective (and guaranteed) program which includes 1st class support. You can read some of the feedback we've received from men using this system here:

ProSolution User Comments

If you would like more information, there is a link to their company website located on the bottom of that page.

Keep in mind, this is not a miracle cure and requires committment and patience. With time however, the blood flow to your penis will improve, you will learn better control over your erections and your size will increase accordingly. Unlike prescription medicine which offers a temporary solution to the problem, this method provides the natural and permanent route to enhancement.

Hi ive just turned 18 and my penius is 5.75 inches and i just want to know at what age does the penius stop growing

It depends on the individual. Usually the penis stops growing around the age of 18 - for some it might be earlier and for others later. When your body itself stops growing, for instance when you aren't getting taller, that is when normal penis growth ends. After that point, men looking to increase their size must look to alternative solutions to enlarge the penis.

I am a 50 y.o. man with a 7" Penis. However my Penis is 6" circumference as well so women adore it. Having a normal sex life, I still regularly awaken at least twice nightly with an erection. Is this extroardinary?

Hello H.S.

Reaching an advanced age doesn't necessarily signal a decline in sexual performance. It depends a lot on health, genetics and how sexually active you remain. In your case it seems like you're doing great! Keep it up! (pun intended)

what can one do so that he can have a long penis?

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