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Can you give me advice on increasing the size of my penis. I would also like to improve my performance during sex and hopefully last a lot longer. Just for full disclosure, I recently experienced some health problems with my penis (phimosis) but now everything is back to normal!Increase Size Improve Performance

I'm happy to hear that your problem was taken care of. It's always a little worrying when we run into any kind of medical/health issue and I'm glad you were able to rectify it.

Usually I recommend an exercise program to strengthen and enlarge the penis, however given your recent troubles I think it would be better to use a method that is less intensive. Traditional penile exercises require a lot of stretching and hands-on manipulation – this could possibly aggravate your condition again which I think would be best if we avoided.

Fortunately there are ways to increase size and help improve your performance without using exercises. The method I recommend to you is known as Traction Therapy.

This effective training method involves the use of a specially designed device that is worn over the penis – it is also called a penile extender.

What it does is stretch the cells of the penis slightly over time which causes them to divide and multiply. This process forces the penis to grow in size which makes it both larger and stronger. The bigger the penis, the more blood it holds and the longer you can last during sex.

One of the best things about the penis extender device is that it does all the work without you having to do anything. You simply put it on, adjust it to the appropriate settings (you will receive detailed instructions about this) and it does its job!

You can wear it under your clothes (penis extenders are small) and go about your business and it will be working the entire time to increase your size.

At first you'll only want to use it a few hours a day. Over time you can gradually wear it for longer periods and this will speed up the growth process. Most men can add anywhere from 2-3 inches in size in about a 6 month period. And this is permanent gains – after you've reached the size you like you can stop using it.

I recommend going with the SizeGenetics model – they use special 'comfort strap technology' which makes it very easy to wear. Some extenders can irritate the head because they rub against the tip. The SizeGenetics version avoids that because it has a specially padded attachment which makes it very comfortable to wear.

While it isn't cheap (the full package costs $389.85), it's definitely the most effective and safe natural enlargement method available today. If you're serious about having an 8-9 inch penis and want the strength and performance that comes with it, this system is definitely the way to go.

I suggest choosing the Fast Gains option when you order. This ensures that you get the best results in the shortest amount of time.

Please keep me informed of your progress. We already have several case studies submitted to us from other men who have had incredible results and we'd love to add your story as well. All personal information will of course be kept confidential.

Posted by PRS
Thursday, September 24th, 2015


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