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penis enlargement age restrictionThis is a topic that I think is very important and yet poorly addressed by the majority of natural penis enlargement websites out there. It should be stated clearly and understood that any method of enhancement, whether exercise, supplement-based or mechanical should not be practiced by young males who are still at a developmental age. In general this includes anyone who is under 18 years old and perhaps up until at least the age of 20.

Natural penis enlargement is serious business. By the very nature of the methods employed, you are physically subjecting the penis to tensile force in order to enact a growth response. This type of stimulation involves stressing cells and sensitive penile fibers and subsequently allowing rest, repair and recovery of the tissue. This ability of the body to adapt and change to such pressures is widely understood.

When you are young however, the body is already undergoing it's own changes and normal growth. Normal pubescent development usually doesn't start until around the age of 11 (sometimes even later) and often doesn't end until the late teens. That period of time is very important in natural development and should not be interfered with until elevated hormonal levels have subsided.

While this is easy to understand, "your body is still growing, don't mess with it," the temptation of younger and still physically immature men to consider natural enlargement is often a difficult temptation to resist. This desire is often compounded when exposed to images of well-endowed individuals and combined with normal but over exaggerated feelings of inadequacy.

Are you even sure if your penis is considered small? If you check out the Penis Size Survey you'll see that on average most men are around 6 inches in length when erect. While its perfectly natural to want to be "hung" there is absolutely no reason why an average sized man cannot experience a normal and fulfilling sex life and adequately satisfy any partner.

Maybe it's easier said than done, but when your body is young and still developing you really should not obsess over the size of your penis. Give nature some time to run its course and you may be surprised how quickly changes can occur. If when you're older you still feel that an increase in size will help to enhance your life, by all means join the club. Keep in mind, most men who start on a penis enlargement program are well into their 20's. Do yourself a favor and don't rush things.

Posted by PRS
Tuesday, February 12th, 2008

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9 Responses to "At What Age Is Penis Enlargement Safe?"

I want to know that I am 43 years old will that help me as well.

Hi Marius,

Men of all ages practice penis enlargement methods. Some even start when they are in their 50's, 60's and beyond. It is not however recommended for young men under the age of 18 whose bodies are still naturally developing.

I request some info perhaps images on a step by step course on enlargement of my penis.

I have been looking all over the net and there are many products out there that say they are the best. (I am embarrassed but I am 6 inches)

I would like some advice please.

Best Regards,

Hi Tony,

Thanks for posting your message. In regards to your current size (6 inches), there's really nothing to be embarrassed about. Many studies have found that to be the average penis length for the majority of men. There is of course nothing wrong with wanting to be larger!

As far as the "best" solution to penis enlargement, the answer really isn't quite so simple. There are several recommended methods but each have different requirements, some of which may not be suitable for every man.

Penis extenders, for instance, are very effective at increasing size. Some men however won't (or can't) wear a device for several hours a day. In this case it's usually easier to practice penis exercises which you can do at your own leisure. While involving more work than "hands-free" methods such as penis extender devices, exercises are still a very good way to improve size and most programs are inexpensive. PenisHealth offers a great course and it costs less than $50.

If you're just starting out then I would suggest trying an exercise program like PenisHealth first. It will teach you everything you need to know and includes detailed instructions that anybody can follow. If at some later point in time you decide to step up your training and want bigger and faster gains, switching to a method such as traction (extender devices) will always be an option.

Hello, I am currently 19 years of age.

For the past 5 to 6 years, the size of my penis has remained the same. About 4.5 to 5 inches long and 3 inches in girth when erect.

Could I start penis enlargement? And does a person's ethnicity affect their "size"?

Hello Alexander,

If you haven't noticed any appreciable size gains in over 5 years then I would say that your body's natural growth period has ended and it should be fairly safe to start on a penis enlargement regimen. Since you're a beginner I recommend learning a complete penis exercise regimen such as the one provided by PenisHealth. This program is both affordable and effective and is used by many men to increase their size naturally.

As far as ethnicity goes, there are many myths when it comes to the topic of penis size and this is one of the biggest. There is absolutely no evidence that a man's race is in any way predictive of his level of endowment.

[...] At What Age Is ... addressed by the majority of natural penis enlargement ... and perhaps up until at least the age of 20. Natural penis enlargement is ... of which may not be suitable for every man. Penis ... [...]


I am 42 years and my penis length is 6 inches but want to increase 2 inches more. please advice me safe but inexpensive method please.


There are many safe and inexpensive methods used to naturally increase penis size but some are more effective than others. Enlargement exercises are among the least expensive (PenisHealth starts at only $49.95). More complete systems that use specialized extender devices may cost more but they also generate faster and better results (SizeGenetics can be purchased for $350.00). Both methods are vastly more affordable than risky alternative solutions such as enlargement surgery which can run upwards of 8 thousand dollars depending on the particular procedure used.

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