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Many of the datas contained in penis size reports seem unrealistic, such as this: Average penis size India - 4", Korea - 3.7". In particular for India what I feel could be a good range would be 4-6" so average about 5 inches. For Korea too 3.7 inches is doubtful. Anyway good information in the report but it would be more realistic if in all the countries the data collection by measurement is done by the same agency under the same norms.Penis Size Studies

I agree that many times the measurement data does seem a bit low for some listed countries. I believe the reason for this is due to the actual limited sampling of men used to compile the data.

The original source of our average penis size study comes from a Latin American doctor largely responsible for developing a penile traction device that enlarges the penis.

It is very likely, given his background and specialty, that the men he used to compile this data had under-sized genitalia. I suspect that he was able to gather his data specifically from men whom he was already in touch with because of their desire to enlarge their penis. This would explain the rather diminutive averages that he recorded.

There are many other studies you can find online that will list the average sizes over a wide spectrum of ranges. Ultimately I don't believe that a truly accurate study exists. It would be rather difficult to perform such a census due to the private and sensitive nature of the study itself.

Posted by PRS
Monday, August 17th, 2015


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