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holding condomProbably the safest and most effective way to avoid the spread of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) and prevent unwanted pregnancies is through the use of condoms. More than ever, condoms are being promoted worldwide to impede the proliferation of the deadly AIDS virus and also to help teach men and women about family planning and responsible sex. Not all men however, for both physical and psychological reasons, feel comfortable purchasing and using condoms.

Since most men like to keep their sexual activities private, purchasing condoms at a pharmacy can be an embarrassing proposition. For some, the idea of asking for condoms at the pharmacy will cause them to feel nervous and even nauseous. Many feel that putting themselves in such a situation opens them up to criticism about their sex lives and even judgment about their specific choice of condom. While in some countries condoms are sold in vending machines which affords a certain amount of privacy, this convenience also means these men are not privy to advice about their choices.

Men who avoid purchasing condoms from pharmacies are unable to learn about the specifics of the various brands of condoms. Condoms are not only available in a multitude of colors, shapes and materials but also varying sizes. Buying the wrong size with an improper fit can cause the condom to tear or slide off which defeats the very purpose for which they were bought. Getting professional advice about the proper condom size is essential since most first time buyers have no idea which size fits them best and cannot rely on the standard sizes usually available. For instance, a recent study conducted in India found that 60 percent of Indian men found standard size condoms too big.

Having a small penis can be very embarrassing when buying condoms. No man wants to be seen buying the smallest size available and possibly subjecting himself to the negative opinions of those who happen to be in the store at the time. This feeling of embarrassment is not exclusive to men with small penises. Men with larger than average penises can also feel that they are being overly scrutinized when they purchase large or extra large condoms.

Buying the wrong size condom can also have physical consequences. One reason why many men chose not to wear condoms is because they sometimes interfere with erections. Studies have shown that a large percentage of men experience erection loss both while applying condoms and during sex. Without proper guidance, choosing the wrong condom can not only expose you to potentially deadly diseases and unwanted pregnancies, but also can have a negative impact on the sexual act itself.

Men can use this quick reference guide to help them identify the right sized condom for a good fit. Standard condom sizes used in Western society include small, medium (also known as regular), large and extra large. The small size is appropriate for a length of 6 inches (or 15 centimeters) and a circumference of 3.9 inches (or 9.8 centimeters). A medium size is for a length of 6.5 inches (or 16 centimeters) with a circumference of 4.1 inches (or 10.4 centimeters). The large size is for penises that measure 7 inches (or 17.5 centimeters) in length and 4.1 inches (or 10.4 centimeters) in circumference. The extra large condom is for men with penises 7.5 to 8 inches (or 18.5 to 20 centimeters) in length and with a circumference of 4.3 inches (or 10.8 centimeters) at the base and 4.7 inches (or 12 centimeters) around the glans.

The use of condoms is important for both healthy and responsible sex. Before you make your next purchase, just be sure that you are making an informed choice!

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Tuesday, December 26th, 2006


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