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The girth of my shaft is too big for regular condoms. The L and XL fit better but the size of my head is not the recommended size for the L and XL so then there are some wrinkles around the tip. Is this a problem?Condoms Dont Fit Right

Getting the right condom size can be tricky for bigger guys. It seems that while they make extra large ones they usually don't account for differences in shapes.

For instance, you may have a very thick shaft but the head isn't very wide or the penis itself isn't particularly long.

I personally like the Trojan Magnum XL. For me it fits great but then my head size is also very large.

There's also Lifestyles XL which are about as big a girth as the Trojan Magnum XL but almost the same length as the regular Trojan Magnum. This might be better if you're considerably wider than long.

You'll really need to try a few different types until you find the one that works. Fortunately they aren't really that expensive.

You should check out Undercover Condoms - they have different categories and styles that might help you narrow down your search.

Let me know if I can help you with anything else!

Posted by PRS
Sunday, August 9th, 2015


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