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My question concerns a curvature of a penis to the left. All research I have done talks of Peyronies Disease but can a man have a weak corpora cavernosa that could cause a curve? Say if a man is right handed and masturbated with his right hand only stimulating the right side could the right side become longer and stronger than the left side causing the curve? Could exercises stimulating the left side cavernosa cause a correction in curvature? Any advice will be greatly appreciated!Curved Penis Reason

Peyronies disease is usually characterized by an extreme bend in the penis (it can be as much as a 90 degree bend). While most men do have somewhat of a bend in the shaft, a serious condition such as Peyronies is much less common.

While your theory regarding curvature is interesting, there really isn't enough scientific data to back it up. I personally think that if masturbation could have such a direct impact on the shape of the penis, we would really be seeing many more cases since such a large percentage of the male population masturbates.

Yes, stimulating the penis can help correct curvature - in fact there are scientific studies that have proven this. Exercises, however, are not specifically geared for this. To actually straighten the shaft you need to apply continuous stretching for extended intervals. This is accomplished through the use of a penis traction device - also called a penis extender because it extends and stretches the shaft.

You can learn more about how these devices work by reading this article on penis extender effectiveness.

This method of treatment has been getting more attention from medical professionals as a valid way to correct curvature. Obviously anything that can replace surgery is something that should be looked into.

Since these devices also help to increase the size of the penis as well as correct corrective, they are becoming much more popular among men.

If you're interested in using a method that has been shown to reduce curvature, I highly recommend the Peyronies Curvature device. This method is specifically geared towards men who have a bend or curve in their penis and wish to make it straighter.

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Wednesday, July 29th, 2015


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