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muscular manPenis enlargement is not something new and has in fact been around for many centuries. The industry itself however is growing by leaps and bounds. Today thousands of men are discovering new products and methods to naturally enlarge the penis. There are however certain things that all men considering penis enlargement should understand and some common mistakes that should be avoided.

Firstly, anyone interested in making their penis larger should know that it takes both effort and patience to be successful. Naturally, no one wants to hear that it may take weeks and perhaps months before you see results. It's certainly difficult to remain motivated when day after day you are working towards a goal and the only thing you have to show for your effort is a slightly sore penis.

In reality this is no different then going to the gym on a regular basis and working out. The "no pain, no gain" factor comes in to play and can only be viewed as a positive improvement. With this in mind, persistence in the efforts to enlarge your penis will pay off and results will come in time. The delicate tissues that the penis is comprised of require time to expand and most people will experience both growth spurts and plateaus.

Probably the most difficult time when starting penis enlargement is at the very beginning. Many beginners wrongly believe that one workout session a day is not enough and start to add additional daily sessions. Unfortunately this will only exhaust the tissues and gains will not come quicker. Penis enlargement is based on intensity and regularity, which is why performing a routine more than once per day is not as effective as doing it once, but very intensely. The penile tissues need time to recover and grow in size and over training will only hamper that.

One problem that many beginners will notice is that pubic hair often gets in the way of both enlargement exercises and the use of penis extenders. Not only is pulling the hair out intensely painful, but it can also prevent men from getting a good grip on the base of the penis shaft when doing some exercises. The best thing to do to avoid this is to trim the hair short or even shave it altogether. Keep in mind that while shaving your penis may seem radical, you can always grow it back anytime you choose to.

Another problem that men experience, specifically with enlargement exercises, is gaining control over their penis. Some exercises require that a partial erection is maintained and this may not be easy to accomplish as many men will find themselves becoming fully erect. The only way to deal with this problem is to try to focus on something that doesn't involve sex.

Finally, while the temptation may be great, you should try not to measure your penis too often. Frequent measuring is unlikely to show significant gains and can undermine your motivation.

The natural process of modifying one of the most important extremities on the male body is not for everyone and certainly not to be taken lightly. Penis enlargement is a way of life and there is no point in rushing it. If you are committed to change then you can and will accomplish your goal. Only those with true dedication, commitment and the will to persevere will ultimately reap the rewards.

Posted by PRS
Saturday, August 4th, 2007

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