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I'm pretty happy with the length of my penis but I would like to have more girth. I hear that most women don't care too much about how long it is but they think that thickness is more important. Are there specific exercises that I can do which will give me more girth but not affect how long my penis is?Exercises for Penis Girth

Penile exercises really aren't designed to target one particular measurement or another (length vs. width). It's actually a combination of different techniques that work together to encourage growth across the entire penis. Professional exercise programs (such as PenisHealth) will give you a solid foundation that ensures both length and girth increase proportionately.

You don't need to concentrate on one particular dimension of size. If you're training correctly then your body will do the rest.

Keep in mind that exercises are not the only, or even most effective way to stimulate growth. For a less hands-on approach that doesn't even require manual exercising of the penis you might consider using a traction device instead. These also work to effectively increase penis girth.

While extenders are a great way of increasing size, they do cost more than most exercise programs. Ultimately it all depends on whether you'd like to spend less money and work a little harder for gains or pay a little extra, speed up the process and save a lot of time. Both methods work but in the end the decision is up to you.

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Saturday, October 3rd, 2015

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