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man reading PE instruction manualThere are many different types of natural penis enlargement solutions available today for men interested in increasing their size. We believe our website does a fair job of laying these options out and hopefully provides enough information for readers to make their own informed decisions. Regardless of which method you choose, it is vitally important to work your program consistently and make sure to follow the instructions exactly as they are provided.

Most men begin the practice of penis enlargement with the best of intentions. Wanting to increase the size of your penis is after all a perfectly normal and common desire. Surprisingly many of these men fail to follow the most basic and important rule when performing any kind of enhancement program - they don't follow the directions.

Whether you're using herbal enhancement pills or patches, performing penis enlargement exercises or using a specialized device, if you do not diligently adhere to the instructions then you are decreasing your chances of success. The following are just a few examples of things that you should be aware of.

If you have decided to use penis enhancement pills then you need to be sure you are taking these supplements as instructed. Some formulas specify only one pill per day while others recommend 2 or 3 taken daily with meals. Always refer to the original documentation that comes with the product for dosing instructions.

When using penis enhancement patches (transdermal patches), you should make sure that the skin where you apply it is washed and kept thoroughly clean. You should also know how often they need to be replaced. Since most patches are usually good for several days, if you replace them too often you are basically throwing away money. Similarly, a patch used beyond it's effective lifespan will lose it's potency and you will not receive the necessary nutrients.

For penis exercise routines, it is very important that you do not deviate from the program too soon. While it may at first seem that the workouts are too easy, rushing ahead to advanced techniques will only hamper your progress. Your routine will become modified over time as you gain more experience. In the beginning the most important thing is laying a solid foundation from which the penis can grow and expand.

Mechanical penis enlargement equipment, such as extenders and traction devices, also have their very own unique set of instructions. And while the urge to over-use them can be very strong, this will not speed up the growth process or result in bigger gains. The manufacturers of these devices know exactly what works best from thousands of hours of testing and clinical trials.

The companies that produce the various different penis enlargement products and programs know exactly what they are doing - they have to, it is their business. It is also their obligation to provide you with everything you need to be successful. But for the best results, it is ultimately up to you to follow their instructions carefully.

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Wednesday, September 5th, 2007


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