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I'm sure that you must have a very large penis with all your years of training. I've read lots of things online about "average" penis size and it seems to me that everyone has their own opinion about what is normal. Right now I'm 7.5 inches long and about 5 inches in girth. In your honest opinion do you think this is small, average or large? How would you say I measure up?How Does My Penis Measure Up

When it comes to matters of penis size, it's really only ever based on personal opinion. There have been some studies done to determine average length among men and most give a figure of around 6.5 inches. I would think that most people would consider your size to be about average or even a little above average.

Measuring in at over 9 inches myself, I personally think you're a little on the small side and could benefit from some additional size. That is of course only my own personal opinion based on my own circumstances. I've spent many years naturally enlarging my penis and obviously I don't expect that most men have undergone the strict conditioning that I have.

The truth is that before I first started getting involved with my enlargement and body modification training, I was actually smaller than you are right now! I was only a little over 6 inches when erect so I definitely don't mean to belittle your current size.

The bottom line is that if you're happy with your size and your partner is happy then that's all that really matters! If you want your penis to be bigger then there's nothing wrong with that either! Here are some top penis enlargement recommendations if you're interested in learning ways to increase your current size.

Posted by PRS
Monday, September 28th, 2015


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