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razor shaving skinShaving the pubic hair from the penis area is becoming very popular among men. One common reason why men shave their genitals is simply because many women find it more attractive. Getting the hair out of the way also tends to make it more appealing when fellatio is involved since women don't have to worry about getting annoying pubic hairs stuck in their mouths. Shaving the penis also exposes more of the penis which is beneficial in several ways. It allows for a greater area of the penis to be directly stimulated which enhances pleasure during sexual acts. Consequently, shaving the hair off of your penis makes it appear larger since the shaft is no longer hidden by the hair that grows on the pubic mound. The act of shaving itself can also be a highly erotic act which both you and your partner can participate in. Here are some quick instructions to help you out if you decide to shave your penis.

To start off you will need a razor and some shaving gel. You can use a disposable razor but just make sure that it is new. Personally I like the Gillette Fusion. I wouldn't recommend using an electric razor however. The penis is probably the most sensitive part of the male anatomy and an electric razor can pinch and irritate the area. Also, you shouldn't use the same type of shaving cream you would use for your face. Make sure to use a brand that is designed for sensitive skin. Gels made specifically for feminine use are a good choice.

Before you actually use the razor, make sure to trim the area first with a pair of scissors used for cutting hair. Pubic hair is generally curly so you should pull the hair away from your body and cut as close to the base of the hair follicle as you possibly can. Needless to say, you should be very careful when you are putting any type of cutting instrument near your penis! Once you have trimmed the hair down to a reasonably short level, soak the area in warm water and lather it up thoroughly with shaving gel.

You can start off by shaving the area just above where the penis extends from the body. While the majority of pubic hair is on the area surrounding the penis, usually there is a small amount that actually grows from the shaft itself. Make sure to shave against the grain (from bottom to top) as it will give you the closest, smoothest shave. You will need to adjust your penis while you are shaving so that you can see and reach all the areas where hair grows. Pull your penis downwards to shave the very base of the shaft, then stretch it to the left and right so that you can apply the razor to the shallow crevices on each side. Finally pull the penis all the way up (towards your stomach) so that you can shave the area below your penis right above the testicles.

Once you've shaved the area surrounding the penis shaft you can start on the scrotum. The skin on the scrotum tends to be wrinkly, so stretch the skin out while you shave to make sure you are applying the razor to the entire surface. While you are shaving you should run your fingers along the area you have shaved to feel for hair that you might have missed. Its very important to take your time and apply gentle strokes while you are shaving so that you do not accidentally cut yourself.

When you are done shaving your genitals you might also consider shaving your stomach area. Or if you tend to be very hairy, you may also want to shave the areas on your upper thighs that are adjacent to the penis.

Once you are finished, rinse off the shaved areas with warm water and a mild soap or lotion to remove any loose hair. You can also use a body scrub to remove dead skin cells that might cause itching later. Dry the shaved areas by patting them down with a clean towel or cloth. To prevent itching you can apply a lotion or baby powder to the recently shaved areas. If you have very sensitive skin you may wish to use a special dermatologist recommended cream so that you don't irritate the area.

You're finished! It might be helpful to wear boxers for a few days after your first shave to give the area proper ventilation. Feels great doesn't it?! When you're done admiring your handiwork, go let your partner become reacquainted with your beautifully smooth penis!

Posted by PRS
Tuesday, January 16th, 2007


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