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razor shaving skinShaving the pubic hair from the penis area is becoming very popular among men. One common reason why men shave their genitals is simply because many women find it more attractive. Getting the hair out of the way also tends to make it more appealing when fellatio is involved since women don't have to worry about getting annoying pubic hairs stuck in their mouths. Shaving the penis also exposes more of the penis which is beneficial in several ways. It allows for a greater area of the penis to be directly stimulated which enhances pleasure during sexual acts. Consequently, shaving the hair off of your penis makes it appear larger since the shaft is no longer hidden by the hair that grows on the pubic mound. The act of shaving itself can also be a highly erotic act which both you and your partner can participate in. Here are some quick instructions to help you out if you decide to shave your penis.

To start off you will need a razor and some shaving gel. You can use a disposable razor but just make sure that it is new. Personally I like the Gillette Fusion. I wouldn't recommend using an electric razor however. The penis is probably the most sensitive part of the male anatomy and an electric razor can pinch and irritate the area. Also, you shouldn't use the same type of shaving cream you would use for your face. Make sure to use a brand that is designed for sensitive skin. Gels made specifically for feminine use are a good choice.

Before you actually use the razor, make sure to trim the area first with a pair of scissors used for cutting hair. Pubic hair is generally curly so you should pull the hair away from your body and cut as close to the base of the hair follicle as you possibly can. Needless to say, you should be very careful when you are putting any type of cutting instrument near your penis! Once you have trimmed the hair down to a reasonably short level, soak the area in warm water and lather it up thoroughly with shaving gel.

You can start off by shaving the area just above where the penis extends from the body. While the majority of pubic hair is on the area surrounding the penis, usually there is a small amount that actually grows from the shaft itself. Make sure to shave against the grain (from bottom to top) as it will give you the closest, smoothest shave. You will need to adjust your penis while you are shaving so that you can see and reach all the areas where hair grows. Pull your penis downwards to shave the very base of the shaft, then stretch it to the left and right so that you can apply the razor to the shallow crevices on each side. Finally pull the penis all the way up (towards your stomach) so that you can shave the area below your penis right above the testicles.

Once you've shaved the area surrounding the penis shaft you can start on the scrotum. The skin on the scrotum tends to be wrinkly, so stretch the skin out while you shave to make sure you are applying the razor to the entire surface. While you are shaving you should run your fingers along the area you have shaved to feel for hair that you might have missed. Its very important to take your time and apply gentle strokes while you are shaving so that you do not accidentally cut yourself.

When you are done shaving your genitals you might also consider shaving your stomach area. Or if you tend to be very hairy, you may also want to shave the areas on your upper thighs that are adjacent to the penis.

Once you are finished, rinse off the shaved areas with warm water and a mild soap or lotion to remove any loose hair. You can also use a body scrub to remove dead skin cells that might cause itching later. Dry the shaved areas by patting them down with a clean towel or cloth. To prevent itching you can apply a lotion or baby powder to the recently shaved areas. If you have very sensitive skin you may wish to use a special dermatologist recommended cream so that you don't irritate the area.

You're finished! It might be helpful to wear boxers for a few days after your first shave to give the area proper ventilation. Feels great doesn't it?! When you're done admiring your handiwork, go let your partner become reacquainted with your beautifully smooth penis!

Posted by PRS
Tuesday, January 16th, 2007

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14 Responses to "How To Shave The Penis"

[...] One of the easiest things you can do to make your penis look bigger is to trim off some of that pubic hair. When you have a small penis you want as much of it to show as possible. Having a big bush of hair that covers it only makes it look smaller. Nowadays, men trimming or even completely shaving the penile region clean of hair is no longer seen as strange but has almost become commonplace. For tips and instructions on how to safely go about this, see How To Shave The Penis. [...]

I have read with great interest the above mentioned article and agree entirely with all its contents. My penis when fully erect is only about five inches but it certainly does look much bigger without all that hair ! I am now 63 and have shaved my pubic area and stomach for some 40 years now and have never had any regrets and very little discomfort. It is fantastic for fellatio and my prick always feels so sexy and much clean - shaving I am sure is much more hygenic. As for the ladies - I like them shaved as well please, and they have all loved my shaven penis.

I shave in the manner recommended in your article - and it works a treat !

Now, even when I see the doctor and have to be examined, I do not get embarrassed any more - forty years ago, I don't think many men shaved then !


It only makes sense, you trim the hair on your head... you should also try triming your chest hair. Nothing looks less attactive than those hairs poking out of the top of a guy's shirt colar.

I hate this trend among men and women. Pubic hair is there for a reason, there is nothing dirty or annoying about it, and it is very sexy IMO. I really hope we go back to feeling ok about having pubic hair soon.

Hi Carol,

Thanks for commenting! Shaving the genitals has recently become a popular trend but I'm sure that many others feel the same as you do. Incidentally, some evidence suggests that pubic hair physically plays a role in sexual attraction. Some believe that one function of pubic hair is to trap pleasurable scents and pheromones which send chemical signals to the brain of the opposite sex to increase arousal.

While I actually do prefer some well-groomed "fur" on my partner, I must admit that shaving my own genitals helps facilitate the practice of natural penis enlargement. Manual stimulation of the penis, whether it's through stretching exercises or a special traction device does tend to pull at the hair which can become awkward and even downright painful. Of course shaving fully is not totally necessary, just in the areas such as the base of the penis where contact occurs most frequently.

hello guys,I been shaving for over 30 years.all my bed partners love the look and feel of a shaved penis.never had a bad comment yet.all loved it!

I shaved everything last week and had an orgasm before I feel great!!

Hi, I'm only 13 now. And I've cut my penis hair a few times, But haven't shaved it yet. Is shaving better than just simply cutting the hair?

It's really just a matter of personal preference. I used to fully shave but now I just keep it nice and trim. The one downside to shaving is that you need to do it regularly otherwise the hair will simply grow back.

am 19 and i am very hairy around my penis why would anyone want to shave their manhood the hair is a sign you have become a man and not a little boy

There are many reasons why men decide to shave the hair on their penis. Some do it because it allows more of the penis to be seen thus giving the illusion of greater size. Others do it because they believe it makes intercourse more pleasurable. For myself, shaving the penis hair facilitates the practice of enlargement exercises (the hair can become an annoyance during various stretching and massaging techniques). Ultimately it's really just a matter of choice.

my penis is 6inchs when softso i dont need to shave to make it look bigger and my girlfriend has pubic hair
and we have had intercourse and for being clean go for a shower

hi am 23years old i got pubic hair when i was 13 i dont get it you cant wait to get pubic hair then when you get it you want to shave it off

[...] are displayed in the most flattering and advantageous ways possible. For instance, many elect to shave off pubic hair thereby exposing more of the penis, one simple and effective technique for making the penis appear [...]

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