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putting on a condomWhile using a condom might seem like a trivial matter to most, the fact is that many men (and women) don't know how to do it. Maybe you're inexperienced or have never had sex so you've never used one. Or perhaps you've never put one on because you prefer to go "bareback." If that's the case, then learning how to put a condom on is particularly valuable as a way to protect yourself from sexually transmitted infections. Either way, here's a brief guide for both men and women on how to properly use a condom.

Putting on a condom is a very simple procedure that any man, or any woman for that matter, can learn to do properly in no time at all. Condoms can be purchased at pharmacies, most convenience stores, in vending machines or even online.

If you've never used a condom before then it's probably helpful to practice applying one before you actually use one for sex. For guys, you already have the required equipment necessary to start the process. If you're a girl then you'll need something that is shaped like an erect penis. A banana or anything similar that doesn't bend while putting the condom on should do.

The first thing to do is to remove the condom from the wrapper package. Tear away one side of the foil and make sure to do it carefully. It's very important not to damage the condom when opening the wrapper. If you somehow manage to tear the condom then just get another one from the pack. Ladies with long nails should be extra careful because they can easily puncture the condom while taking it out of its package. Remember that a torn condom is absolutely useless for protection during sex. It won't protect from STI's and it won't protect women from unwanted pregnancies.

Once you've removed the condom from its wrapper you'll notice that one side has a "nipple like" protrusion. This is the reservoir tip where the semen is caught during ejaculation. Squeeze the tip between your thumb and forefinger making sure to squeeze the small amount of air out. While you have your fingers on the tip, place the condom on the head of the penis with the tip pointing upwards. If you're using a banana or another such object to practice, do exactly the same thing. Gently roll the condom downwards so that it extends over the length of the shaft.

And that's it! You're done! As I mentioned earlier it's a very easy procedure and the most important part is to make sure not to damage the condom. Another thing you should be careful about is not letting air become trapped within the condom when you're putting it on. If there is too much air in the tip then there is a chance that it could break during sex.

You should also make sure to use condoms that are suited to your penis size. If the condom is too small then it might tear during sex. If it's too big, then it may slip off or semen may escape. If you're not sure about what size is right for you then buy a few different sizes and see which fits best.

One more thing you should remember is that when removing the condom make sure to do it a safe distance away from a woman's vagina in case any semen spills out. To remove the condom, grab the tip as you did earlier and slide your penis out. It should come off easier than it was to put on since the penis will usually decrease in size after ejaculation. Guys, you might want to be extra careful when taking it off as sometimes pubic hair can get lodged under the condom and it can be painful if that hair is pulled out. Trimming the hair around the base of the penis can prevent this from happening in the future.

Now you're ready for sex and armed with the knowledge of how to properly use on a condom. When you are finished using one, make sure to wrap the used condom in tissue paper, dispose of it properly and then go wash up!

Posted by PRS
Friday, February 9th, 2007


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