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hot male polaroid photoA popular concern expressed by many interested in starting a natural penis enlargement program is regarding the permanence of size gains. Simply put, most men want to know if the increases in size that they experience will remain with them for life or if those gains will be lost if training is stopped. Is natural penis enlargement permanent?

To answer this question, one first needs to understand that naturally enlarging the penis is a process. It is far from an overnight solution and it requires both time and dedication. Results only come with practice and committment. Similar to anyone who trains their body regularly, such as an athlete, improvement and enhancement requires work to see results.

Clearly of course, comparing a man following a penis enlargement routine to an athlete's conditioning is a bit of a stretch. Professional athletes train for hours every day, depending on their specific discipline, whereas those working to increase their penis size spend considerably less time practicing.

A more realistic comparison might be made to someone who is attempting to lose weight. If you are overweight and go on a diet, does that mean you will always have to be on a diet? Yes and no. Ultimately you are changing your lifestyle in order to affect a change on your body so you will need a certain amount of maintenance. Setting a target, reaching your goal and maintaining that level of result is another process.

That being said, those serious about adding length and thickness to their penis shouldn't let the work involved dissuade them. Every type of program, whether it's a stretching device, manual penis exercises, enhancement supplements or a combination of all three require dedication. If your ultimate goal is to increase your size, the gains you experience will make the effort more than worthwhile.

All legitimate programs will usually follow a natural progression. Training will start off slowly and then gradually build up in intensity over the first few months. How quickly the body responds will ultimately depend on the individual himself. Once the penis has reached a size you are comfortable with, you gradually decrease the amount of time spent training. In the case of penile extenders and penis pills, you eventually cut down on the time spent wearing the device and/or decrease the supplement dosages respectively.

Since your training should include some manual exercise techniques, these are maintained but in a greatly reduced fashion. In natural penis enlargement, this is known as the cooling down period. It is also commonly referred to as "cementing" your gains.

This stage is designed to solidify the size increases by gradually acclimating your penis to less intensive stimuli and allowing greater healing recovery time. Avoiding a sudden cessation of stimulus is an important factor as it allows the penis to adjust to a less agitated state. This process primarly involves decreasing both the number of repetitions per exercise as well as the number of techniques used themselves.

Overall the cooling down phase lasts approximately three weeks. A typical workout will decrease from around 25 minutes a day to 10 or so minutes per session by the final week. At that point you should be able to completely cease all training without fear of losing the gains you've accrued.

It should be noted that some exercises, such as those that work the pubococcygeus muscle, can still be performed as they help to keep the penis in shape and maintain overall penis health. Some advanced programs also offer "toning" practices that serve as excellent general maintence techniques. Although you may have reached a size you are pleased with, keeping the blood circulating to the genitals and the penis active has great health benefits.

Adding additional size to your length and girth does not mean a lifetime dedicated to esoteric training. Yes, it will take some effort to start the process and further work on your part to achieve your goal. You are however fundamentally creating permanent growth that will bring a lifetime of pleasure to both yourself and your partners.

Posted by PRS
Tuesday, February 5th, 2008


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