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Sweltering Hot SunAlthough summer is usually my favorite time of the year, sometimes the heat and humidity can become almost too much to bear. With temperatures regularly soaring near 100 degrees it can begin to feel as if your body is cooking from the inside out. It can also make it seem like your private parts are about to melt, especially for those men practicing certain penis enhancement methods and techniques. Luckily there are a few simple ways to beat the heat and ensure that your penis stays cool and comfortable.

Wear Loose-Fitting Undergarments

When the temperature is high, the last thing you want is to have your penis stuffed into tight underwear. You need to allow adequate ventilation so that air reaches the penis and keeps it dry. Avoid briefs which increase sweating and stick with loose fitting undergarments like boxer shorts. If you're daring you can also go "commando" (no underwear at all).

Keep Pubic Hair Trimmed

Pubic hair acts as a good insulator to keep you warm in the winter months. Unfortunately, it works the same way in the summer as well. Trimming the hair on your penis and testicles can help prevent excessive heat build-up in the genital area. Not only will it make you feel cooler, exposing more of penis has the added benefit of making it look larger too! For the ultimate heat-buster you can also try completely shaving your penis.

Use An Electric Fan

Men who practice penis enlargement exercises know that things can heat up pretty quickly. The massaging, stretching and flexing involved with these techniques creates additional blood flow to the penis which elevates internal temperature. Obviously this is compounded as the ambient temperature of your surroundings increases. For some relief from the heat, try practicing your exercises in front of a fan. The cool breeze generated by the fan will help to lower your surface temperature. It also just feels really good!

Ice Your Privates

One of the quickest ways to cool off your penis is to apply something cold directly to it. Add some crushed ice cubes to a sealed zip-lock bag and wrap that around your penis and testicles for immediate relief. You can also freeze a bottle of water and simply tuck that into your underwear. This will make your penis feel cooler as well as have an overall cooling effect on your entire body.

Take A Cool Bath

When the heat becomes too unbearable, sometimes the best remedy is to just immerse your entire body in cool water. This can be especially refreshing after a vigorous penis exercise workout. If you wish you can add some Epsom salts to the bath which will further help your muscles relax while also softening your skin.

Tips For Penis Extender Users

While the tips above are good suggestions for any man looking to cool down his penis, this section in particular is geared specifically for those using penis extender devices. These stretching devices are worn on the penis and are designed to stimulate permanent enlargement growth.

Even though this method is very effective at naturally increasing penis size, it does require that the device be worn for several hours at a time. You can wear it under clothing but this can become uncomfortable if temperatures become very hot.

Tip #1: Lose The Clothing

One way to avoid this problem is to wear the penis extender while sleeping in the nude. Some device manufacturers will advise against this since you may inadvertently dislodge the extender while asleep. If you're not prone to restless sleep however, and don't really move around too much, then this solution should work extremely well.

Tip #2: Comfort Straps

Another important tip for keeping the penis cool involves the actual construction of the device itself. Many extenders include a foam tube that wraps around the penis head to act as a cushion. While this does increase comfort, it can also make your penis very hot. An alternative is something called a "comfort strap" which holds the penis in place but is constructed in such a way that it allows for proper ventilation (see below).

Penis Extender Comfort Strap

The penis extender device from SizeGenetics (pictured above) comes with a very convenient comfort strap accessory. This allows users to experience the complete benefits of the device while ensuring maximum comfort and usability. It is also currently the top-rated mechanical penis enlargement solution available today.

Making sure that your penis stays cool, especially during the hot summer months, is something that all men can benefit from. In addition to maintaining personal hygiene and increasing overall penile health, the practice of cooling your genitals is simply a great way to beat back the heat and add a little comfort to those sweltering summer days.

Posted by PRS
Friday, August 13th, 2010


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