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Make a choiceMany men are unsatisfied with the size of their penis and would be extremely happy if they could enlarge it. If you're one of these men and have decided to do something about it, then you have taken the first step to attaining that goal. The next step of course, is to decide upon the penis enlargement method that is best suited to you. There are several choices available and they vary in the amount of time, dedication and complexity needed to accomplish this task.

If you are a private individual that has a lot of free time, then using a traction device for penis enlargement might be the right choice. These devices are fastened to the penis and exert a constant stretch on the soft penile tissues. They can usually be concealed under the clothing but this might not be a good choice for someone who is constantly active as it can be a bit uncomfortable. While it is has been proven effective after consistent use, this type of equipment might not be feasible for many men.

Another device used by many men is the penis vacuum pump. These pumps are sometimes recommended by doctors for patients that have difficulty attaining erections, such as those suffering from diabetes or severe circulation problems. This device however only promotes temporary size increase and there are many risks and dangers involved in its use.

For someone who doesn't have much free time, a natural penis enlargement exercise regimen might be more appropriate. Penis exercises act on the penis in much the same way as traction devices, except of course that they require you manually stimulate your penis with a series of stretches. They can be performed at your leisure and you are in full control of your workout at all times which lessons the chance of injury which can occur with some mechanical devices.

There are also a wide variety of enhancement supplements like penis pills and patches which can be used in conjunction with a natural enlargement exercise routine. The main function of these supplements is to increase the flow of blood to the genitals, elevate testosterone and energy levels, and generally enhance the entire reproductive system.

Cosmetic penis enlargement surgery, also known as phalloplasty, is another method chosen by some men. This procedure however is very expensive and fraught with danger. Impotence, scarring, permanent numbness and deformity are just some of the inherent risks of penis surgery.

As anyone with an email account will know, the natural penis enlargement market is ripe with scam artists and bogus companies looking to cash in on men's insecurities about their penises. "Professionals" are quick to dismiss the effectiveness of these solutions but I've yet to meet one that has actually taken the time and effected the dedication needed to make these methods successful. There is no money in natural penis enlargement for the doctors and big pharmaceutical companies that push drugs as the cure for any condition.

Look around and review some of your options before you start on a natural penis enlargement solution and remember that nothing good ever comes easy. If you're expecting to see huge gains after only a month of stretching or taking some pills, then you probably shouldn't be considering penis enlargement at all.

Posted by PRS
Friday, December 22nd, 2006


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