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body energy chakra pointsI've thought long and hard about how to explain energy manipulation to someone who may never have thought of their own body as an energy conduit. But that is exactly what the body is - a container to hold the powerful energies that flow within us.

Our bodies course with energy that is constantly moving through and around us until the day we die. If you can learn to control and focus these energies with both the mind and body, then anything, including the enhancement of the penis, is possible.

The following is a very basic example that is meant to teach you how to recognize and concentrate energy within your body. It is designed to do this within the hand for reasons which will be discussed below.

Simple Energy Recognition Technique

Hold your hand out in front of your body with your elbow bent and palm facing up. Concentrate on the exact center of your palm. Imagine the tip of a feather, almost ready to touch that point, but hovering slightly above. You should start to feel a slight tingling in that exact area.

Once you feel that sensation, you can try to imagine it spreading outwards to the rest of your palm, to each finger and eventually encompassing your entire hand. At this point you may notice several other sensations. Your hand may feel as if it is vibrating slightly or has a "cold" feeling.

You may also notice some physical changes in your hand itself as blood begins to concentrate there. This may be most obvious as a discoloration of the skin consisting of patches of small white dots.

Penis Energy

While it would be nice to think that this same technique is just as easily done with the penis, the truth is that it is not. Our hands are much more in tune with our bodies since we use them everyday. The penis on the other hand usually lies hidden beneath our clothes most of the time. The fact is that it mostly gets our attention only when it is time to relieve our bladders or, if we're lucky enough, when we are having some kind of sexual experience.

It is however, with practice, very possible to perform this same type of technique on the penis. In fact, manual penis enlargement methods such as those that use exercises or special devices are themselves only the starting point where better interaction and control is learned. Once we can actually feel the penis, we begin to have a greater understanding of the powerful energies that it contains. From there, it's only a matter of time before our physical bodies begin to change and react.

For me personally, I've always found the easiest way to focus energy to the penis was to start at the testicles. Actually a little below them. The exact spot is called the perineum and it is located between the genitals and the anus. Taoists call it the Hui Yin and consider it a major gate through which chi energy flows in the body.

Genital Energy Concentration

Begin by sitting in a comfortable chair with your legs parted slightly in front of you. Reach down below your testicles (approximately 1 inch) and gently press that area with the tip of your finger. Once you have a good feel for where that spot is, you can remove your hand but continue to concentrate your focus there.

As with the hand technique, once you feel the slight tingling sensation you can gradually begin to expand that energy outwards. In this case, you should attempt to move the energy upwards into your scrotum. The testicles contain a tremendous amount of energy and it should be easy to maintain the flow there.

From there you can begin to channel energy into the penis itself. Imagine it starting at the base of the penis, running the length of the shaft and finally flowing into the tip. At this point your entire genital region should feel energized and you may notice a pulsating and swelling within the penis.

The Importance of the Mind-Body Connection for Penis Enhancement

This simple technique was designed to help you improve your focus and learn to channel energy into your penis. It's fairly safe to say that you probably won't be hearing too much about this when starting any penis enlargement program. You should keep in mind however, the role that your conscious thought and your body's energy plays in any enhancement method, whether it's penis exercises, enlargement devices or enhancement supplements, is vital to your overall success.

I would also like to note that I am by no means a master at the art of energy manipulation. My experience comes from 17+ years of practice in the Chinese martial arts and study of chi kung (qigong). While this subject is far reaching and ultimately applies to the entire body itself, in this instance I have only tried to explain how it pertains to natural penis enlargement.

The overall benefit from this type of training obviously extends far beyond the genitals alone. This of course does not exclude it's practice if your current goal is in fact the enhancement of your penis.

Posted by PRS
Wednesday, August 22nd, 2007


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