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PE Progressive MethodsNatural penile enlarging encompasses a range of techniques all designed with one specific goal in mind: to increase the length and girth of the penis through purely natural means. While there are several different strategies that can be employed to effectively enlarge the penis, there is often a natural progression of methods that penis enlargement practitioners advance through over the course of training. In this article we'll look at one of the most frequently experienced progressions and discuss each step in this evolutionary process.

Before we begin it should be noted that this particular progression of methods, although very common, is by no means the only successful route to achieving natural penis enlargement. Some men choose to follow one specific method while others may use a combination of these different styles.

Penis Growth Through Exercising

Stimulating the penis is the foundation through which all natural penis enlarging methods achieve growth. In the case of penis exercising this stimulation takes the form of manual stretching, massaging and muscular contraction (pubococcygeus muscle). Without some sort of external stimuli the penis will be unable to expand and grow.

Most men who have successfully increased their size began with the practice of penis exercising. They learned the proper techniques to use, the correct number of repetitions to perform, the importance of scheduling (exercise, rest and recuperation) and so forth. With practice and dedication, these men physically changed their bodies through deliberate and willful action.

Penis exercising, like any other form of physical exertion, does have its limitations. Over time the penis can become accustomed to repetitive stimulation and growth will stagnate - this is called reaching a plateau and it is sometimes very difficult to overcome. In order to generate new gains you'll need to periodically modify your routine in order to "shock" the penis into new growth. It's also a common practice to supplement your training with special herbal formulas. This leads us to the next progression in penis enlargement training.

Penis-Enhancing Compounds and Supplements

The use of penis exercises to stimulate growth requires a certain amount of physical exertion. This can cause the penis to become fatigued and lead to the previously mentioned plateauing effect (growth stagnation). For men who want to avoid this condition and further their growth potential, the use of specific penis enhancement supplements is often utilized.

These enhancement supplements contain certain compounds that help to increase blood flow to the penis thereby improving recovery times. They also help to improve erection hardness and increase erectile stamina, both of which have a direct effect on actual penis growth.

Penis enhancing supplements are generally available in two forms; penis pills and penis patches. The primary difference between these two types of products is in the method of delivery. Penis pills are taken orally much like any other form of dietary supplement. Penis patches on the other hand deliver their ingredients transdermally (directly through the skin).

While some believe penis patches are more efficient because they bypass the digestive system and allow nutrients to be absorbed directly into the bloodstream, others prefer penis pills for the sheer convenience. It is ultimately a matter of preference as both methods are quite effective at enhancing growth.

Most men who practice penis enlargement will at some point use a combination of both penis enhancement supplements and enlargement exercises. In fact, some of the most powerful programs available use this exact combination of methods (ProSolution and MaleExtra are two examples). For men that wish to take penis enlarging to the next level, there is one last method that guarantees the ultimate in enlargement gains.

Penile Traction

Perhaps the only limitation to penis enlarging is in the amount of time spent performing it. Practically speaking, there is only so much time in a day that any man can spend exercising his penis. While the majority of men will dedicate between 7-15 minutes per day (at most) towards penis enlargement, even this can eventually become tiresome and monotonous.

To avoid this predicament, and get the best results with the least amount of time and energy expended, many men subsequently turn to penile traction devices. These "penis extenders" can be worn underneath clothing and provide prolonged stretching for several hours at a time, all without any direct intervention required by the user.

On average these penis extender devices are worn between 4-6 hours per day. The longer the device is used, the greater the capacity for growth. This is both the most convenient method of penile enlarging as well as the most effective. Those looking to achieve truly enormous dimensions often subscribe to this particular method.

The All-In-One Enlargement Approach

As mentioned earlier, some men choose to employ just one approach towards penis enlarging and find that sufficient to meet their goals. Others may mix and match various methods as their needs and experience progress. There is however one particular product that uses ALL of these methods within one all-encompassing system: SizeGenetics.

This complete system of penis enlargement provides everything imaginable in terms of stimulating growth. It includes both a penis exercise program as well as a medically certified penile traction device. There is even an option to purchase additional enhancement supplements to further speed up your gains.

The best thing about this system is that you are given complete instructions on what to do and how to do it. There is no guesswork, just follow their program and you are guaranteed to increase your size in the shortest amount of time possible.

Whether you're just getting started or looking to edge out the most gains possible from your current training, SizeGenetics has it all. I highly recommend this system for both beginners and advanced practitioners alike.

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In the end, natural penis enlargement should be viewed as just another form of self-improvement. Many men dedicate time to losing weight or gaining muscle mass but never give much thought to what it would be like having a larger penis. In my opinion, increasing the size of your penis is possibly the biggest life-changing experience of all!

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Friday, May 21st, 2010


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