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enhancement analysis reportPenis Resources is proud to announce our new 'Enhancement Analysis Service' for men. This unique and completely free consultation service will allow our experts to provide a custom designed solution crafted to address each individuals specific needs. We are confident that this first-of-its-kind offering will help men to better achieve their goals as we move forward in the ever-increasingly popular and sophisticated Penis Enhancement Review Industry.

A New Personalized Approach

Just as no two men are alike, so too is it true that not all natural penis enhancement solutions are created equal. Some are specifically designed to increase penis size while others focus on preventing and alleviating problems associated with sexual dysfunction. Others are created to improve fertility or simply to enhance semen production. With all the various methods available today, it is not uncommon for men to be confused as to which solution is suited for their particular needs.

It is this frequent dilemma that has prompted us to create a personalized consultation and analysis service. Completing and submitting a brief questionnaire is all that is necessary for our knowledgeable professionals to compile a detailed report that meets and addresses your specific requirements.

Questionnaire Overview

While most of the questions are fairly self-explanatory, we would like to take this opportunity to offer some guidance and insight into our evaluation process.

Penis Length/Girth

Providing us with your current measurements will give us a better understanding of your initial starting point. This is particularly important for those interested in increasing overall penis size since we can adjust our recommendation based upon an expected growth index.

For instance, if your penis size is well below average we will advise you of your best options for obtaining maximum growth gains. If you are already well-endowed and only interested in a slight improvement or perhaps toning work (erection enhancement), a less intensive solution may be sufficient.

It is important to provide us with accurate starting measurements. Please review our resource on penis measuring if you need more detailed instruction.


Knowing the actual physical characteristics of your penis, just like knowing its actual dimensions, is another vital statistic necessary for accurate assessment. Some enhancement methods such as penis exercises require vigorous training. By advising us of personal penile characteristics, we can safely prescribe a program that offers adequate support for your particular circumstance.

Penile Curvature

Another attribute that can influence our recommendation is the presence of a significant curve in the penis shaft. Although a perfectly straight penis is hardly typical (most have somewhat of a bend), some men do exhibit a severe curvature that can be uncomfortable or even painful. If you inform us of such a condition we will then be able to tailor our proposal to include systems that address this issue directly.

Experience Level

The great majority of men visiting our website probably have little or no experience with the various penis enhancement methods and products. There are of course those who already employ certain techniques and are somewhat familiar with the practice to varying degrees. Let us know of your present experience level and we will be sure to provide information that compliments your current skill set.


As mentioned earlier, there are many reasons why men choose to practice penis enhancement. We have included a group of the most commonly desired objectives to choose from which will assist us in tailoring the perfect solution. You can of course advise us of any other unique requirements or preferences by including additional information in the Comments area.

Penis Resources has evolved over the years to become a tremendous source of information for men seeking to improve sexual health through natural enhancement. We believe that our new personalized analysis service will allow us to expand even further and bring an even greater level of satisfaction to all men interested in self-improvement. We look forward to assisting you in attaining your goals.

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Wednesday, August 6th, 2008


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