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NPE CoupleThe practice of NPE (Natural Penis Enlargement) is commonly considered a solitary discipline. In as much that effective results are based upon only your own efforts, this generalization is predominantly true. There are however much broader implications in the pursuit of attaining a larger penis when considering the circumstances of being in a committed relationship. In this article we'll look at the reasons why being upfront and honest with your partner in regards to your training methods and goals is not an option, it's a requirement.

Full Disclosure

NPE training, regardless of the particular method used, requires a certain amount of dedication. Whether taking enhancement supplements, practicing penis exercises or using an extender traction device (or any combination of these systems), there will always be a time committment involved that affects your normal everyday life. That being said, the relatively small effort necessary to improve penis size is not something that should be, or really even can be, hidden from your significant other.

First of all, keeping secrets from your partner is never a good idea, assuming that's even possible. To achieve a successful committed relationship requires honesty. Let your partner know what you're doing and why. Keep in mind that the results of your training will not only affect yourself but will also have an impact on your partner as well.

Furthermore, any manner of deceit will usually be easily detected. If you think you can hide something and not get caught, think again. Women in particular are extremely adept at sensing deception. Why bring tension into your relationship when it's easily avoidable? There is after all nothing wrong with wanting to increase the size of your penis.

Lastly, keeping your training a secret is next to impossible once you start to see actual results. How can you explain the fact that your penis has grown significantly larger without admitting to have kept secrets? Getting a bigger penis will not improve your relationship when it comes at the expense of losing trust.

Maintaining A Balance

While we've discussed the reasons why disclosing NPE is important to maintaining a healthy relationship, there are certain boundaries that must be left intact. In this respect we come full-circle to the original principal that penis enlargement is ultimately a private undertaking.

For instance, explaining to your partner that you spend some time each day exercising your penis should not be interpreted as an invitation for involvement. The techniques involved require a certain amount of concentration and distractions should be avoided at all costs.

A certain amount of curiosity is of course understandable. If they're interested in seeing the particulars of your training, then by all means feel free to demonstrate. Just be sure to reinforce that privacy is essential for effectiveness.

Remember, the reason for this has nothing to do with being shy or self-conscious, although these are legitimate concerns. Rather, methods such as exercises or traction devices require that the penis remain in a flaccid (non-erect) state. With this in mind it's easy to see how outside influences can easily detract from your training.

If your partner wishes to contribute, a much more suitable involvement might take the form of something more innocuous such as penis measuring. As it's advisable to track your gains with monthly measurements, this activity creates an excellent opportunity to keep your partner engaged in your training as well as further strengthen your relationship.

For the majority of men, the practice of NPE comes down to a balance between privacy and openness. The methodologies that are employed to actually increase penis size are in some respects the easy part. If you follow the instructions of a legitimate penis enlargement system you will definitely see results. As most of us do not live in a bubble however, certain considerations must be addressed. With just a little forethought you can both lengthen and thicken your penis while at the same time strengthen the romantic bond you share with your partner.

Posted by PRS
Thursday, November 26th, 2009


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