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upward growth chartJust as with any other type of physical conditioning, there comes a time in penis enhancement training when your body stubbornly refuses to grow. While this is a perfectly natural occurrence, it can be a bit aggravating and frustrating when weeks go by and you do not see any significant gains. In this article we'll look at a few different methods for restarting the growth process and overcoming those inevitable plateaus.

Taking A Break - The Simple Solution

Although it may seem counterproductive, sometimes all you need to overcome a growth plateau is some time off from your training. Effective enlargement programs always incorporate adequate rest and recovery periods. These breaks are important since the penis is not immune from fatigue and the body will shut down the growth response if it feels over-exerted. If you've reached an advanced level of training and feel your gains are stagnant, take a week or two off to allow your body to reset.

Mixing It Up

The body is incredibly proficient at adapting to new and changing stimuli. Even the rigors of space and zero-gravity can be overcome given enough adjustment time (see: retired astronaut's experience in space). So even techniques that are initially designed to 'shock' the body's growth response will eventually become routine.

This is why it's very important to mix up your training and always keep the body guessing. Vary the type of exercises and number of repetitions you perform in order to keep it fresh and new. In this fashion you can prevent the body from adapting to the stimulus and force it to respond accordingly.

Changing/Alternating Methods

Sometimes mixing up routines is still not enough, especially when you've been practicing natural enlargement for a long period of time and have already achieved significant growth. Instances such as these require a total overhaul to your training methodology. Remember, the key behind ongoing successful enhancement is change and how the body reacts to that change.

Using an entirely different method, such as traction force, can sometimes be just what is needed to break through a growing block. Penis extenders, also called traction devices, work on the principal of prolonged stretching and adaptation. In essence they allow the penis to be stimulated for longer periods of time then is normally possible with manual stretching. When used properly this forces the tissues into a stress/repair/growth cycle. Since it is actually worn on the penis itself, it is also an excellent way to avoid hand fatigue.

If you're new to natural penis enlargement then most of the information contained here probably isn't relevant. Most people will experience continual growth (to varying degrees) for quite a long time before any sort of plateau is hit. However for those of us dedicated to it's practice, the ongoing quest to become larger leads us to search for new and improved ways of reaching our goals.

Posted by PRS
Friday, May 9th, 2008

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