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Patience street signIn today's fast paced world most people expect or even demand instant gratification. We want things done yesterday and when it doesn't happen we are usually disappointed or angry. People forget that patience is a virtue and that good things come to those who wait. In relation to health care this is no less the case. The human body is a complex machine that does not change overnight to outside stimuli. There are no miraculous solutions that will change the basic fact that in order to effect a change on the body, time and effort must be expended.

In this regard penis enlargement is no different and whichever technique or approach you choose will not be a "quick fix". While science has made leaps and bounds in the medical fields, we are still very far from the science fiction world of growing tissues at will, regenerating organs instantly or finding cures to all the diseases that plague the human race today.

As we're not yet to that advanced stage of science, if penis enlargement is truly your goal then you will need to work hard to make changes to your body. It is not a quick process and may take weeks or even months to see results from your training. Since you are not in a competition, patience is something that you can afford and should employ. It's vital to give yourself the time you need in order to get the best results.

The reason why many men fail at penis enlargement is mainly because of this lack of patience. As the old expression goes, you must learn to walk before you can run. A huge mistake many men make is rushing into advanced techniques before mastering the basic exercises and actually learning the information necessary for enlargement. Without this information you can make poor decisions and possibly injure yourself. Injuries sustained during penis enlargement training are especially troublesome since you must then abstain from both your exercise regimen as well as sex while you heal.

Another thing that is probably as important if not more important than proper technique is adequate rest. You must allow your penis time to recover from your exercises so that the tissues can expand and actually grow. This rest time lets the tissues heal and get back into shape for your next session. While we all want to see results as quickly as possible, overworking your penis does not help and can even be counter productive. Bodybuilders for instance all understand that in order for their muscles to grow in size they must first have time to heal. While the penis is made of tissue and not muscle, the same principle applies. Rest is crucial to the growth process.

A recommended routine often looks like this: 3 days of exercises and 1 day of rest, followed by 2 days of exercises and 1 day of rest. Your program will ultimately depend on how comfortable you feel with it and how you decide to fit it into your daily schedule. The most important thing to remember is not to strain yourself. Successful penis enlargement is obtained by those who have the stamina, willpower and patience to see the whole process through. Put aside your feelings of urgency and in time you will achieve the results you desire.

Posted by PRS
Monday, September 12th, 2005


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