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Man with questionsWhen starting out with penis enlargement most men will have many questions. Although most methods are really not that complicated, questions often arise such as how long enlargement workout sessions should last and what accessories, if any, are needed. There are often hundreds of similarly valid questions that the beginner might have and the detailed answers to these questions are very important.

Probably the most single important piece of advice for the person just starting out is to have patience. Patience isn't always easy to come by but in penis enlargement there are no overnight miracle solutions. It's often hard to stay motivated when the days go by and you seemingly have nothing to show for your efforts. Persistence does pay off however, and those who remain dedicated to their goal will find that the results will come. The tissues of the penis need time to adapt, heal and grow and this process takes time. Much like enlarging any other part of your body, most men will go through cycles of growth spurts and plateaus.

Any man who's practiced penis enlargement will find that they hit plateaus every now and again. If you're using an exercise enlargement routine then modifying your workout will usually help to restart the growth process. If one particular exercise doesn't seem to bring gains anymore just replace it with another exercise. Penis enlargement routines are adaptable and every user should feel free to experiment and find the combination of exercises that works best for himself.

A common mistake many beginners make is to over-train when first starting out. While you might be tempted to perform multiple sessions per day in hopes of speeding up the enlargement process, this really is not beneficial since you will only exhaust the tissues of the penis. The intensity and regularity of your workouts are far more important than the amount of time you spend doing them. Just like the time muscles need to rest after a gym workout, the penis tissues also need time to recover and grow.

As far as individual techniques go, many men question whether it is better to do more repetitions or simply do longer stretches. This honestly depends on the individual and there is no general rule that applies to everyone. You should experiment with both techniques and see which works best for you. If performing more repetitions shows better results than stick with that. If you aren't getting the gains you had hoped for then cut down on the reps and try doing longer, more intense stretches instead.

One problem that both beginners and veterans of penis enlargement face is the issue of pubic hair getting in the way of exercises or causing discomfort while wearing a traction device. Pulling the pubic hair can be quite painful and it can also make getting a good grip on the base of the penis shaft difficult. A solution to this problem can be as simple as trimming your hair short or if you're more adventurous you might shave all your pubic hair off completely. The hair will grow back so there's really not much of an issue there.

Another difficulty some men experience involves the actual control of their penis. Some techniques require the user to achieve a partial erection for the exercise and for many this may be difficult as they find themselves fully erect. While this takes some practice, the best way of dealing with this is to focus on something that is not likely to get you too aroused. Read a magazine, watch TV or think about work and your erection should subside enough to perform the technique.

Measuring your penis too frequently is another common mistake. It's unlikely you'll notice large gains if you measure too often and this can undermine your motivation. Men should not measure their penis more than once every four or five weeks. Results will show in time, but less than four weeks is really not enough time for tissues to increase in size in a visible manner.

One controversial issue surrounding penis enlargement is whether ejaculating after a workout routine is beneficial or detrimental. Some argue that testosterone levels decrease sharply after ejaculation which may hurt gains. Others believe that the ejaculation itself is the hallmark of a healthy sex life, which is, after all, one of the primary goals of penis enlargement. Presently the topic is still up for debate and there is no certain way of telling whether ejaculation has a big effect on gains or not.

A similar issue regards the act of having sex immediately following a workout. In general it is advisable to wait at least an hour between the end of your workout and any sexual activity. This allows the penis tissues to heal and rebuild before they are flooded with blood again. Enlargement workouts exhaust the penis and it's not a good idea to engage in more strenuous activities too quickly.

The PC flex (pubococcygeus muscle) is a very popular and effective technique but the ideal way to perform it is something that is often questioned. Some believe that it should be performed rapidly and intensely while others believe a slower and longer approach is more effective. This again is something that is ultimately up to the practitioner. By doing them slow you will build up a resistance to prolonged effort and increase your stamina. The fast approach will help get the muscle prepared for short term and intense exertion. It all really depends on what you're after.

As with all things, exercising prudence is the safest way to go. Don't rush out to try every new solution available. Instead look for information and gather knowledge from different review sites and forums and see what others are saying. Penis enlargement isn't for everyone but if you keep yourself healthy and follow your head (the one on top of your neck) then you can reach any goal you set out for!

Posted by PRS
Tuesday, November 15th, 2005


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