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Relaxing on BeachBy and large, the majority of men who practice natural penis enlarging do so through the use of specialized exercise techniques. While this method has its advantages, there are still some who would prefer a solution that involves a little less hands-on work. For those men interested in adding inches to their penis in an easier way, using a simple and effective alternative which requires less dedication and effort to achieve lasting results is the answer.

The Use of Penis Exercises

If you search online for penis enlarging you'll no doubt find that penile exercises are the most frequently discussed topic. The reason for their popularity isn't too hard to understand. Firstly, the only tools required are your own two hands. It's also fairly easy to find a complete instructional course that will teach you the proper way to practice. Lastly, programs such as PenisHealth offer a convenient way to naturally increase penis size without breaking your wallet.

On the other hand, penis enlargement exercises also require a daily committment. While most good routines will only take up about 10 minutes of your day, it does add up over time. There's also a natural tendency to increase the duration of your training as you become more experienced. I'll be the first to admit that at my most intense phase I was completely overboard with my training and spent nearly 2 hours per day exercising (broken up into several sessions).

My Evolution in Training - Exercises to Extenders

Although I'll never regret my personal obsession with penis enlarging, I have learned over the years that working harder and working smarter are two entirely different things. For me personally, making the switch to a penis extender device not only gave me back hours of my time but also greatly improved my results.

In the process of scaling back my complex and lengthy exercise regimen, I began using a penis extender to supplement my training. In retrospect I think the hardest part was getting past the feeling that I wasn't working hard enough. I've always believed that in order to achieve something you have to labor over it. I'm glad that I was wrong.

It turns out that wearing a penis extender, contrary to shortening my workout, actually increased the amount of time spent enlarging my penis. I just didn't realize it because I had grown accustomed to manually performing the stretching techniques. By using the device I could apply a consistent stretch across the entire penis for several hours a day without even thinking about it. There's nothing easier than that!

I'll admit that I still do some regular manual exercising - old habits die hard. The actual time spent doing them however has decreased by over 80%. This equals more time I can devote to other important things such as friends and family.

Penis exercises will always remain an important part of my life. Without them I would never have learned that penis size could be increased naturally. I'm just grateful to the inventor of the penis enlargement extender who came up with an ingenious idea to help make life a little less complicated!

Note: If you want a simple and effective penis enlargement solution, try SizeGenetics. Not only is the device comfortable to wear (you'll hardly notice it's there), the system also includes the complete PenisHealth exercise program and 24/7 support. Customer satisfaction is Guaranteed!

Posted by PRS
Wednesday, July 8th, 2009

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