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Can I practice penis exercises at the same time while I'm wearing a traction/extender device? Can the device be worn while having an erection? I've experienced that massaging the prostate while doing kegel clenching that ejaculation occurs very fast. Is that good?Penis Exercises Plus Penis Extender

Penis extenders are actually designed to be worn when the penis is flaccid (not erect) so you really shouldn't be able to do kegel flexes which require an erection. When the penis is limp that is when the actually stretching is accomplished by the device. If you do become erect while wearing an extender it will usually just slip off so it's not really a problem.

You can also practice penis exercises but don't try it at the same time as when you're wearing a device. It would be near impossible to apply manual stretching when the penis is secured in place by the extender.

For most men just starting out, the devices are generally worn only an hour or so a day. As you progress, the amount of time you wear it will increase as will the amount of traction used. Although some men apply the device for up to 8 hours a day, it really isn't necessary to wear it that long. At peak effectiveness, usually about 4-6 hours per day is max.

For more information please visit this page with some frequently asked questions regarding penis extenders.

As far as your other question, exercising the pc muscle is a completely separate practice from prostate massage. It's main purpose is to strengthen the pubococcygeus muscle and improve erection quality and sexual endurance. Massaging the prostate is something else entirely.

Posted by PRS
Tuesday, October 27th, 2015


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