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I want to know what a prince albert penis piercing does and will it hurt? Is it safe to do and how much do all the piercing shops charge to have it done?Penis Piercing

I don't have any piercings myself but from what I understand, a Prince Albert is supposed to increase pleasure during intercourse for both the man and woman. It has to do with how it rubs the woman and the stimulation it provides the man while it is being rubbed. You can learn more about it here:

Prince Albert Piercing

The price will vary depending on where you go but it's usually around $80 to $100 for the actual procedure and the ring itself can cost anywhere from $100 to $200 (depends on the material used and size).

If you can't locate a shop that does it you may want to check with a local tattoo parlor as they can probably let you know where you can have it done.

Also check out our article here which explains more about the practice of penis piercing and some of the different types available:

Effects of Penis Piercing on Training

Good luck!

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Monday, June 22nd, 2015

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One Response to "Tell me about Prince Albert Penis Piercing"

I had my P.A. done last week. I'm no stranger to piercings, but I had "issues" with the idea of piercing my todger.

I'm glad I did it. It feels great. That being said:

1. Find a piercing artist who isn't all business. A good artist will have visible piercings him- or herself. (I don't recommend asking your artist if s/he possesses a genital piercing, though; it's a little personal.) A professional artist will listen to your questions, answer them in detail, and give examples of what to expect.
2. DON'T base any decisions off internet research. This is what delayed my piercing for so long! In fact, the first thing my piercer said when I mentioned I had been on the internet was, "Dude. NEVER get all your information from the internet."
3. Go to a licensed artist. It may seem like a "duh!" point, but a legitimate artist will have a certificate/license prominently posted.
4. Preparation: there isn't any. You just have to go and do it. You can take aspirin/Motrin beforehand, but there is no anesthetic. I was debating soaking my todger in ice water for half an hour before walking in the door because I was so afraid of the pain, but you can't do that. Cold causes muscles and nerves to constrict.
5. Pain: subjective. (Again, this is where the internet messes with your head ... no pun intended.) I'm a complete baby - I SCREAMED when I had my nipples pierced, but as my artist pointed out, "That's all nerve tissue; think of what you're piercing." Your todger isn't like that: with a traditional P.A., you're piercing a membrane that's thinner than your earlobe. Mine was like getting a shot and I've definitely felt and experienced worse. In fact, it was a breeze compared to my nips. The most uncomfortable part for me was the insertion of the guide tube. Deep breathing will help, and it will literally be over before you know it.
6. Go with someone, even if it's another guy. If you need your hand held, moral support is always helpful. For the record, my buddy gripped both my hands; and he was cool and detached about the whole thing.
7. If you're uncomfortable with the idea of another guy touching your junk, get over it. You can't hold it for him, and you want him to touch it so the piercing goes smoothly and stays straight. I'm not kidding about this. My artist had a story about a homophobe who wanted to stand up, get pierced and not get touched. Needless to say, that particular experience did not go well.
8. Listen to your body as it heals, and be sure to follow your artist's instructions to the letter for after-care. I recommend sterile saline "Wound Wash," for removal of crusted whatever-that-s***-is. That's a breeze, too.

My only regret with my P.A. is that I waited so damn long to get it done. And I'll tell you this: you get a ring in your todger, and you're gonna feel like King of the World. It's a confidence thing, and it's totally worth it. In fact, I can't wait to upsize, 'cause I want to feel a nice big door knocker yanking my junk downward. It's AWESOME.

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