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couple talking about enhancementMen who choose to start on a program of penis enhancement do so for a number of reasons. Some wish to improve their current size or increase erection quality while others hope to boost overall sexual performance. Regardless of the motive, beginning on a particular penis enhancement method is ultimately a personal choice. This does not mean however that such a decision won't have an impact on the others in your life with whom you share a personal relationship.

The majority of men who practice a system of natural penis enhancement are predominantly sexually active and often already in committed relationships. Keep in mind, whether married or simply dating, the reason for enhancing your penis is primarily for the benefit of your partner. Having a large and powerful penis is certainly an admirable goal but if you don't have someone to share your accomplishment with you are pretty much defeating the purpose.

That said, the process of enhancement itself is not achieved without some work and dedication. It takes time. Whether you're employing a traction device, taking daily supplements or practicing penis enlargement exercises, a certain amount of daily effort is necessary to accomplish your goal. Unless you're a truly solitary individual, these practices will not go unnoticed by those close to you.

While you could try to keep these activities secret, in the end you'd only be creating an atmosphere of deception and deceit. It is far better to be open and honest and let your significant other know exactly what you are doing and why. They will, after all, eventually notice the changes that are occurring themselves.

Explain to your partner the purpose for your training. Let them know that you are doing it not only for yourself but for them as well. If your relationship is built on caring and understanding then acceptance and respect for your decision should come easily.

They may of course tell you that it isn't necessary and that they love you just the way you are. This is as it should be. Remind them however that this is something that you are doing for yourself as well. Something that YOU want.

If they are skeptical about your choice, assure them that you have done the research and chosen the method that you feel best suits your needs. If they want more information you can send them to our website, or even better, have them contact us directly. We are not a fly-by-night organization and we answer all questions that we receive.

The most important thing is to make sure your partner understands that you aren't forcing your choices upon them. Let them know that the only impact it will have on your relationship is a beneficial one. Someone who cares about you will be understanding towards your feelings and support you in your quest.

Remember, the decision of whether or not to tell your loved one of your enhancement practices is up to you. In my personal experience, opening your heart and including someone in your inner circle of trust only increases the reward.

Posted by PRS
Thursday, September 4th, 2008

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2 Responses to "Telling Your Partner About Penis Enhancement"

Hey im just wondering being that my Penis is small can i have Kids Yes or NO?

The size of the penis has very little to do with fertility. Your ability to produce offspring depends more on the quality and health of your sperm. For men in good health, achieving an erection and ejaculating normally are the main requirements for impregnating a woman. That said, whether you're physically capable of producing a child or not is something that can only be determined by trial (or fertility tests).

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