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happy valentines dayThe following is a Valentine's Day tale that PRS and I cooked up together. While comparing notes on what we each had planned for our "significant other" for V-day, it became apparent to us that men and women are sometimes miles apart in their thinking.

We had a lot of fun collaborating on it though and hope that our readers might benefit from the male/female perspectives and find some new insight into relationships. We hope you enjoy it and wish everyone a Happy Valentine's Day!

6:30 am February 14 (V-Day)

In a darkened room in a small house somewhere in the suburbs, two figures lay huddled close together in a bed that looks like it might fit one person comfortably. The radio alarm clock turns on and the smooth sound of James Blunt singing "You're Beautiful" begins to play softly.

"Happy Valentine's day baby." LoveRat whispers into her companions ear. I love this song she thinks, slowly coming awake and stretching gently.

"Christ... is it morning already?" PRS sighs. If I hear this damn song one more time... He rolls out of bed, performs his morning ass scratching ritual and stumbles off to the bathroom to take a shower.

I wonder what wonderful things he has in store for me today, LoveRat muses.

Hurrying from the shower, PRS says, "Sorry baby. I got a really busy day ahead... I gotta run." He quickly pulls on his jacket and picks up his keys. A quick kiss and he's flying out the door.

My poor darling, Loverat thinks to herself. He works so hard. We really need a vacation. She slips out of bed and starts to get ready for the day herself.

10:00 am

"Oh my gosh! Look what my wonderful boyfriend got me!" said Tammy, the slightly portly receptionist with the very annoying voice.

"Awww... that's so nice!" LoveRat says, thinking to herself that flowers and candy are about the most played out thing a guy can do on Valentine's Day. "He must love you so much!" Yeah, so much that he spent about 3 seconds thinking about what to get you! My man would never do something so cliche...

11:30 am

"What the hell am I going to get her for V-day?" PRS wonders to himself. I know I should probably send her some flowers and chocolate... all chicks dig that stuff, especially today. Before he can put his plan in action he's summoned off into the conference room for an emergency "Bored Meeting". "Ah well" he thinks, "I'll take care of that after the meeting."

12:45 pm

Sitting in the lunch room finishing something she got from a vending machine that resembles a sandwich, LoveRat finds herself in a somewhat melancholy mood. "I knew he wasn't going to send me any crappy gifts... would have been nice if he called though." she thinks to herself. Her phone beeps with a new message and she almost drops it in her excitement to open it.

[Crazy day babe. Miss you. Love you. :-*]

"Awwwwwhhh!" A smile spreads across her lips and she laughs at how he sometimes seems to be able to read her thoughts.

3:30 pm

After an overly long and rather unproductive meeting, PRS heads back to his office to finish stacking and sorting meaningless documents. He settles into his chair preparing to enter the "veg zone" as he likes to call it when suddenly he remembers what he had planned to do. "Shit. What am I gonna do now?" he thinks. Too late to get flowers delivered. He spots a magazine propped up on a nearby chair... the cover shows a couple kissing passionately. "What would you do Mr. Romantic Dude?" he wonders. Suddenly the gears start to spin and he hurries to finish his work so he can escape his corporate prison.

4:30 pm

"Didn't you get anything for Valentines Day?" portly Tammy whispers as she passes LoveRat's desk.

"Oh, it's ok hun... we don't really make too much fuss of it. Everyday is Valentines with him!" LoveRat replies. Still, she can't help feeling as though he should have given her a little more attention today...

Well it's almost quitting time. Thank God. LoveRat begins packing up her stuff and prepares herself for the cold whipping wind that's swirling outside.

5:30 pm

LoveRat pulls into the driveway. Traffic was particularly brutal this evening. Her "brilliant" idea to avoid all the cars actually made her trip 20 minutes longer. "Oh well" she sighs... "at least I'm home."

She notices that her car is the only one in the driveway. Not surprising, she thinks. He did say he was having a crazy day... probably just running a little late.

As she unlocks the front door and quickly slips into the house, she notices that all the lights are off.

"What the hell? Did we have some kind of power outage?" she wonders. The lights were normally set to come on automatically at a certain time.

Stripping off her coat and gloves, LoveRat feels her way down the hallway. As she turns the corner she hears running water and has a moment of panic. "Did I leave the shower running??" she worries. The bathroom door is slightly ajar and she sees a soft glow coming from behind it. Pushing the door open, she sees that the bath is running and there are two small candles burning softly on the sink counter top.

Leaving the bathroom, she begins to hear a soft melody playing from somewhere in the house. Following the sound, she notices a trail on the floor of something resembling feathers. Rose petals - white rose petals, her favorite. She follows the trail leading to the dining room, her heart beating faster.

As she turns the corner into the dining room, the sound becomes more distinct. "You're Beautiful... You're Beautiful... You're Beautiful, it's true..." PRS sings as she comes into the room.

On the dining room table is a feast. The glow from two long candles illuminates a bottle of Dom Perignon sitting in it's caddy on the table. PRS is sitting there with that big silly grin on his face that she so loves.

"Chicken and snow peas and dumplings! Baby that's my favorite!" LoveRat exclaims with joy as she rushes to jump into his lap.

"Happy Valentines day my love" PRS says, planting a deep kiss on her lips.

"How was your day baby?" LoveRat asks, thinking that he must have had this planned in advance for days!

"It was rough sweetheart, but it's a helluva lot better now" he replies.

"And it's going to get even better... real soon" LoveRat says, a devilish twinkling in her eyes.

Posted by LoveRat
Wednesday, February 14th, 2007


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