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At what age does a penis stop growing? Does it have any effect if you enhance your penis? Will it still grow afterwards?When Penis Stops Growing

To answer your first question, the penis generally stops growing after men reach puberty. This is usually around the age of 18 for most men.

For some men it's a little earlier and for others a bit later (up to a few years).

Once the penis has stopped growing naturally, the only way to enhance its size is through direct and deliberate action.

In other words, you need to force it to start growing again. It will not just grow by itself.

There are several methods designed to re-start the growth mechanisms - see our list of top penis enhancement methods.

While some require more work than others, all of these methods use direct stimulation designed to re-activate cell growth.

The most effective method to date is through the use of a specially designed traction device that is worn on the penis. It works to stretch the penis and force the penile cells to divide and multiply. This enables new growth to occur.

You can learn more on our review of the top rated penis device system.

This particular system, called SizeGenetics, has been proven to add as much as several inches to both length and girth. Results vary for each man, but it is an excellent and very effective method for enlarging your manhood.

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Posted by PRS
Monday, July 13th, 2015


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