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When I am measuring my erect penis should it be pointing straight out or should it be pointing more upwards towards my belly button? Mine points up but should I be pushing it down so I can measure it outward better? Thanks!Measuring Pointing Penis

Either way is fine as long as you keep the end of the ruler pressed against the pubic bone. That will give you the most accurate measurement.

Keep in mind that not everyone's erect penis points upwards like yours does. For many men the penis points straight out or even points downwards.

Size has a role to play in this since a larger and heavier penis will be more influenced by gravity and tend to hang lower even when erect.

Regardless of the way the penis points when erect, it does not affect the outcome of the measurement.

See our penis measurement guide for more information.

Posted by PRS
Wednesday, August 5th, 2015


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