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writing questions to penis resourcesAnyone interested in learning about natural penis enhancement is bound to have questions. With so much information available online, it's sometimes difficult to know where to begin. I believe that one of the things that sets Penis-Resources apart from others is our committment to, and encouragement of, open dialogue. If you have a question, then please don't hesitate to ask! Here are a few questions that were recently submitted by a visitor that we think can benefit all readers.

1) Can I use honey as lube? As I know honey stimulates blood circulation when applied on the skin. Will honey application be harmful to penis?

While I've personally never heard of anyone using honey as a lubrication method, I don't believe it would be harmful. It may however be a bit messy (sticky). Also if the penis isn't cleaned regularly and thoroughly, it could cause a skin irritation. For lubrication I recommend a water-soluble solution such as KY Jelly (petroleum-based lubricants should be avoided as they reduce the effectiveness of condoms and also encourage vaginal infections).

2) You said PC Flex should be done while erection and again you said it can be done anytime. Can I do it without erection and in any position?

The PC muscle itself is not directly associated with an erection. As such it can be exercised while the penis is both flaccid and erect. For instance, when you are urinating and squeeze internally to stop the flow of urination, you are using the PC muscle - obviously you don't usually have an erection while peeing. When you do have an erection you will notice that you can make your penis bob up and down - this too is using the PC muscle, in this instance to control movement.

From these examples you can see that the PC muscle can technically be exercised at any time. In relation to penis enlargement however, most men practice this technique while being erect since it's usually done in conjunction with other exercises that require an erect/semi-erect state.

3) Will it be harmful if the water is too hot for warm-up?

Yes. The penis is very sensitive and if the water is too hot then it's very possible to scald the skin. Lukewarm water should always be used when performing the warm-up (repeating the process for a warm-down after your session is over is also recommended).

4) How shall I understand that the enlargement exercises may harm my organ or are doing harm to my organ?

Since the penis is sensitive, it's very important to pay attention to how it reacts after regularly performing exercises. If you do them too hard and stress the penis too quickly you may experience pain or numbness. While there is a certain amount of skin discoloration that occurs during exercise (from the physical contact itself), you should not see severe discoloration which might indicate bruising. Starting slow and gradually building up in intensity over a period of time is always the safest way.

5) Minimum how many times should I jelq per day?

Jelqing is just one particular technique of penis stretching. A proper routine will combine the jelq with several other exercises that target growth from all angles. Most professional programs suggest starting off with about 15-20 repetitions per session, two sessions per day, with a full day's rest between workouts (ie. every other day). When your penis becomes more conditioned you can then gradually increase the frequency and number of reps.

6) Minimum how long time will it take to get 1 inch enlargement, if I do the exercises regularly?

It really isn't possible to address this question in absolutes. It depends on a number of factors including; what specific program you are following, your individual physiology (this determines how quickly your body will respond to the techniques), whether you are supplementing your routine with herbal nutrients, etc. Results will vary from one person to the next - the most important thing is starting off correctly with an effective program and being consistent in your training.

7) Can I also do squeezing exercise on the glans?

There are all manner of techniques that can be used for stimulation, including those that work the penis glans directly. In general these are advanced exercises that are incorporated long after you have mastered the basics. You always need to lay the groundwork before advancing to higher levels of training.

8) Can I continue to do the exercises even after gaining the enlargement?

Absolutely. Aside from increasing actual size, one of the most important reasons for exercising the penis is to enhance your overall sexual health. Improving erection strength, learning better control, extending the duration of intercourse and preventing conditions such as erectile dysfunction are just a few of the positive side-effects that come with regular penis training.

The practice of natural penis enlargement doesn't have to be complicated. Like any new endeavor it takes some time to learn the fundamentals before you truly begin to appreciate the benefits. As always, starting the training and committing to it is the hardest part. If you begin with a program that offers solid support and instruction, you have removed the only real obstacle to your success.

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Posted by PRS
Thursday, April 3rd, 2008

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4 Responses to "Your Questions Are Important"

what is happend if sperms are donated in backside of women?

Generally nothing. There is however a risk that the fluid may leak out and reach the vagina which could result in pregnancy. You should always exercise caution.

how can i last longer during sex? will going long periods of time without ejaculating increase my time during sex?

Hi Cory,

In addition to increasing erection hardness and size, penis exercises are a great way to improve your sexual endurance. Whether you have a problem with premature ejaculation or just want to last longer during sex, a good exercise program like PenisHealth can help significantly boost your performance.

As far as abstaining from sex, that usually doesn't help improve how long you last. In fact the opposite is usually true. When you don't ejaculate for a long period of time you're likely to reach orgasm even more quickly.

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