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Magazine Article Cover - Jonah FalconThere are probably few men who wouldn't be thrilled at the prospect of having a larger penis. As many have discovered through natural penis enlargement, adding just a few extra inches to an otherwise average-sized penis can do wonders for both your sex life and overall confidence. While most will look at this as a blessing, there are some cases when the penis is actually so large that it might be considered something of a curse instead. The following tells the tale of one man's experience in dealing with his incredibly large 13-1/2 inch penis and the struggles he's had to endure.

A Freakishly Large Penis

According to most studies and surveys, the average size of the erect penis is anywhere between 5-7 inches in length. Now double that size and you'll better understand what Jonah Falcon possesses. To put that into perspective, it's about the length of an average man's forearm measured elbow to knuckles. In other words, it's enormous.

I first learned of Jonah's story in a magazine article entitled, humorously enough, "Girls are scared off by my 13-inch willy!" According to the article, Jonah has been living a rather complicated and unsatisfying life largely due to his freakishly big penis.

Woes of the Super Well-Endowed

It seems that Jonah, a 39 year old from New York, would like nothing more than to find a nice girl to settle down with. Unfortunately for him, his world record size 13-1/2 inch penis is making this nearly impossible. The problem he says, is mainly because of the type of woman he seems to attract.

"I just want a nice girl to cuddle in bed and maybe have children with, but I seem to attract women who are just interested in sex."

A Life Revolving Around Sex

Over the years Jonah has led a very active sex life, mostly thanks to the enormity of his manhood. He first lost his virginity around age 11 and claims that by the time he was 18 he was having sex with strangers on an almost nightly basis.

"I'd get a thrill from their reaction when I took off my pants," says Jonah. "They'd either be terrified or over the moon. I got a reputation, and girls would use me for sex. If a girl was worried it'd hurt, I'd let them go on top. I used extra large condoms but they didn't fit properly, so I had to be careful they didn't break."

While admitting that he once enjoyed living that lifestyle, he now says that he's now grown bored of it and longs for a more normal life. Sadly he believes that his extra-large penis is keeping him from reaching that goal.

"I still have casual sex a few times a week with friends, but only to release tension. Now I want to find a girl I can take home ... But nice girls run a mile when they find out about my penis. It's depressing!"

In addition to the problem of finding a suitable mate, Jonah believes that his ambitions of becoming an actor are also hampered by his large penis size. Although he has been approached to work in adult films, he doesn't believe he'll be taken seriously as an actor if he starts doing porn.

Unemployed, forlorn and fast approaching his 40th birthday, Jonah finds himself struggling with personal circumstances that he feels are as much a blessing as a curse.

"I don't wish my penis wasn't so big as I'm still proud of it, but I'm sure I'll never settle down because of it. My savings are running low and I'm living with my mum. It's hardly what dreams are made of."

Jonah and his Whale

For most men with an average sized penis, Jonah's tale is not an easy one to relate to. Even those who use an effective penis enlargement system to add up to 3 inches in size will never reach the measurements that he naturally inherited from birth. In truth, most would not want to. Eight or nine inches should be more than enough for any man.

The thing most troubling about his story really has nothing to do with the size of his penis at all. Instead, his inability to deal with the circumstances life has dealt him seems to be his downfall.

I'm reminded of a story involving another Jonah... the bible tale of Jonah and the Whale. In that story, the prophet Jonah decides to go against the wishes of God. The consequences of his actions ultimately land him in the belly of a whale. For three days and nights he's left to pray until he finally realizes that the whale was a blessing sent to save him from drowning. This story teaches about perception and how we choose to accept our own fate.

Jonah (of the large penis) never really had a choice in the matter. His genetics at birth dictated how big his penis would become. The only thing he ever had control over was how he dealt with it. Whether he views it as a blessing or a curse, that decision is entirely up to him. The penis do not maketh the man.

Posted by PRS
Friday, March 5th, 2010

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