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Penis Enlargement AddictionIt's probably safe to say that there are few men out there who wouldn't be interested in increasing the size of their penis given the opportunity. No matter if you're small, average or large, adding additional inches to your penis is an incredible experience that can ultimately change your entire life. But is it possible to take it too far, to become so absolutely obsessed with getting a bigger penis that the practice of natural enlargement becomes an actual addiction?

To be completely honest, if there was ever a prime candidate for such an addiction I believe I'd qualify. I've been involved in penis enlargement training for nearly a decade and have tried just about every method that exists. While my results have varied over the years with some techniques being more effective than others, I can say that my goal of achieving a larger penis was without a doubt an absolute success.

When is Big, Big Enough

The obvious question is, when does a bigger penis become "big enough"? I'm sure that some guys would be content after adding just an inch in size. I know that I found the experience thrilling. Nevertheless, it didn't stop me from pursuing even greater gains of subsequent growth.

I must admit that while I'm completely satisfied with my current dimensions, there's still a part of me that wants to push the envelope, to see just how big I can get. To that effect I continue to research new methods and practice penile enhancement on an almost daily basis. I'm not sure if I'll ever stop or at what point I'll decide I've done enough. Based on this, does my behavior put me in the addiction category? Perhaps.

Keep Things In Perspective

Before I'm judged for my somewhat unconventional "hobby", it should be understood that I maintain a fairly normal life. I have a regular job, like to spend time with my friends and family and have been in a committed relationship with my partner for many years. In essence, I'm just a regular guy with a penchant for increasing the size of his penis.

The training that I do now has minimal impact on my every day life. It's become more of a routine, much like brushing my teeth or walking the dog. While I certainly dedicated more time when I first started with natural penis enlargement, it's now just a normal regimen I perform to maintain my sexual virility. It also helps keep my stamina and performance levels at peak efficiency.

While this has been my experience, this is not to say there aren't some men who decide to take it to the extreme.

Meet Jack, Penis Enlarging Extraordinaire

A few years back I was contacted by someone interested in increasing his penis size. In the interest of maintaining his privacy, let's call him Jack.

Jack was a really nice kid with an unfortunate problem - his penis was incredibly small, 3 inches to be exact. After speaking with him briefly I made a few suggestions that I thought could help and then wished him all the best.

About 4 months later I received an email from Jack and he was extremely excited to tell me about his progress. It seems that my recommendation (using a penis traction device) had worked wonders and he had gained an additional 2 inches in size. Keep in mind that although penis extender devices are very effective at increasing size, his results were definitely extraordinary.

Over the next year and a half Jack sent me periodic updates on his improvement, nearly every month in fact. He told me that he was using the device for as much as 15 hours a day and over the course of his training had enlarged his penis to almost 8 inches. That's a total gain of nearly 5 inches from when he started.

Had the increase in size he experienced been the only consequence of his actions, I think most of us would have simply applauded his results. Jack's training however, or rather the extremes to which he had taken it, had impacted his life in several unexpected ways.

Jack was so empowered by his new-found endowment that he could no longer stay in a relationship with a single person for more than a few weeks. At one point he told me he was juggling five different girlfriends at the same time. Jack's obsession with penis enlargement had inadvertently transformed him into a sexual dynamo... and he was burning himself out.

When he started to feel that school was interfering with his training, he dropped out of college. He also told me he had "given up on sex" since it used too much of his energy and detracted from his goal of reaching 12 inches. Jack's all-consuming obsession with increasing the size of his penis had ultimately clouded his judgment.

Everything in Moderation

Have you ever heard the expression, be careful what you wish for? In Jack's case he had lost all perspective on the true nature of penis enlargement and the real reason for practicing it. It's meant to improve our lives, not turn us into a self-absorbed caricature of a man.

The moral to Jack's story is "everything in moderation." Like with many pursuits, there's a fine line between working diligently towards a goal and letting our desires overwhelm us and become mindless addiction. Increasing the size of your penis is an admirable ambition as long as you remain firmly planted in reality.

If you decide to embark on the journey of naturally enlarging your penis, always remember to keep your wits about you. Systems such as SizeGenetics are designed to help you achieve that goal safely as long as you follow the guidelines. By staying focused on the mission at hand and taking it one day at a time, you too can successfully increase your penis size while avoiding the trap of penis enlargement addiction.

Posted by PRS
Friday, November 20th, 2009


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