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penis enlargement discount offerThere are literally thousands of different male enhancement and penis enlargement products available to men today. Few live up to their promises. Now thanks to one prominent natural enlargement company, there is some recourse for those that have fallen victim to phony products and flashy scams in the past.

Before I go into the details, I'd like to take a moment to explain why this offer is so important. The companies out there that sell products which claim to produce miracle over-night results are not only doing a disservice to men, they are casting a sullen shadow over the entire penis enlargement industry itself.

How many men out there have spent their hard-earned money on a supposed solution only to find failure? And how many of these men then (understandably) write off all enhancement methods as therefore bogus?

One of the biggest offenders is a company that you're probably familiar with. Without naming names, this supplier runs an "infomercial" on television that includes some rather vacuous women and a certain shifty-eyed host. While I personally don't care for the manner of promotion, I can't fault the production value... it's certainly a compelling advertisement!

I do however take exception to their claims of almost instant results. It just doesn't work that way. "Few men would believe that a single pill could enhance that certain part of the male body..." Correct. Few men would. And for good reason - it can't! Not by itself.

There are of course legitimate providers of penis enhancing supplements. Arguably the best comes from ProSolution Pills which enjoys very favorable reviews. These types of programs consist of not only pills but penis exercise routines as well that are instrumental to their effectiveness. They also do not include certain ingredients, such as yohimbe, which can be potentially dangerous.

Still, many men fall for the promise of effortless gains and waste good money on something that ultimately will not produce results.

Now the good news. One particular company, SizeGenetics, is taking a progressive stance against those that perpetrate dishonesty. They hope to bring natural penis enlargement out from under the shadow of blatant commercialism and prove, once and for all, that increasing penis size is possible.

To this end, they are now offering a $50.00 discount off of their award-winning system to those who have lost money previously on fraudulent penis enlargement methods. In essence, they are reducing the cost of their product in order to attract back men who had otherwise given up on achieving their goals.

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Keep in mind, they already offer a full 6 month money-back guarantee on their system. They know you won't be returning it after you start to see the actual results. This latest effort is done in hopes of rekindling some confidence in the thousands of men who have fallen for scams in the past.

I applaud them in their efforts to make natural penis enlargement a respectable and legitimate method of penis augmentation.

A few things to note:

1) I have no idea when this particular promotion will end. Instinct tells me that something this good usually doesn't last very long.

2) I cannot find anywhere in the ordering process where they actually request proof that you've previously been scammed by another product. Technically this means that anyone is qualified to receive the discount. Since this may be an oversight on their part, you probably shouldn't wait too long to redeem the discount before they make a correction.

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Posted by PRS
Thursday, March 27th, 2008


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