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the penis size questionI'm constantly amazed by the sheer number of people, both men and women, looking to know if penis size actually matters. Could there really be an answer to this question that isn't solely based on one's own experience or preferences? I don't believe so. It's probably safe to say that if you are looking for an answer then chances are yes, it does matter... to you!

There have been numerous studies done by universities, independent research groups and male enhancement companies, among others, who have sought to answer this very question. If you do some searching I'm sure you will find several surveys and plenty of statistical data that seems to both support or negate this very idea.

In the end, it's really only numbers and none of that information adds up to a hill of beans. Do some men wish that their penis was larger than it is? Absolutely. Are some women more attracted and excited by an above average sized penis? You bet. Will increasing the size of your member make a difference for either you or your partner? You'll need a psychic for this one because I can't see the future and I don't care to guess.

I obviously don't fault anyone wondering about this subject. And my personal opinion on this should be pretty apparent as testament by this very web site itself. It was, after all, my own obsession that led me to where I am today. Size mattered enough to me that I worked hard to get it. And I don't regret a single second of my decision.

Yes, penis size did and still does, matter to me. And while the response I have gotten from women has only seemed to validate my opinion, that still doesn't make it universally true. The only person qualified to answer that question is the very person who is asking it.

So how do you feel about it? Does penis size matter to you? Take a second to cast your vote on the poll located on the right side of this page. Let's see where our visitors stand on this issue!

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Posted by PRS
Monday, August 27th, 2007


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