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Now Playing Movie MarqueeI recently had the pleasure of watching an interesting documentary regarding the issue of penis size in modern day culture. The film, entitled "My Penis and Everyone Else's" challenges society's stereotypes of masculinity and gets to the heart of why men are so fixated with their penises. So grab some refreshments, sit back and be prepared for a fascinating look at one of the most sensitive topics confronting men today!

Title: My Penis and Everyone Else's
Running Time: 56 Minutes
Film Info: IMDB

Film Commentary

Here I'll discuss some parts of the documentary that I found the most interesting. Feel free to add your comments below. I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions regarding this film!

Penis Discussions

While it's amusing to see just how reluctant men are towards discussing anything penis related, I don't think it's very surprising. I believe that most heterosexual males find the entire subject rather personal. Yes, many of us are obsessed with the male genitalia... but that obsession is usually restricted to our own penis.

As for why men are usually more willing to discuss the subject on websites, I think that's fairly obvious. The Internet by its nature affords us anonymity to think and say the things we really feel. By being a sort of buffer between reality and fantasy, it gives us the ability to express ourselves in ways we normally would not without the fear of embarrassment or ridicule.

Sex Toy Emporium

I found the film-maker's stop at the adult sex toy shop to be a rather sobering look at the entire penis enlargement industry. The demand for artificial means to enlarge the penis is simply astounding. It seems however that most retailers of these products are confined to temporary solutions such as penis pumps. This unfortunately is the result of gimmicky advertising that caters to the "I want it now" mentality. If something won't increase penis size immediately then most men are simply not interested.

One thing I was surprised to see was the availability of herbal enlargement supplements, in this case VigRx, in a storefront setting. I suppose things are different in Europe because from my experience you'd be hard pressed to find any sort of natural penis pills for sale in the continental United States. I don't however see this as a viable option for most men when proper support and a combined exercise/supplement program are absent. VigRx misses the mark on both of those.

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Another insightful point made during his visit was regarding the over-sized sex toys. It's unfortunate but true that the sizes these dildos and vibrators come in only serve to increase the feelings of inadequacy that most men cope with.

The Porn Film Industry

Something else that affects most men's perceptions of penis size is the presence of well-hung men in adult films. This naturally causes us to form comparisons between ourselves and these huge "monsters." In fact I think the following statements from the film sum it up quite nicely.

"Every single man wants a huge mammoth cock for every single girl (who's) going - oh my God, that's huge, come here..."

"So from an early age men think they have to have huge porn star monster dicks..."

Average Penis Size

This is probably the most common subject whenever the topic of penis size comes up. So what is the average size of the penis? The honest answer is that nobody really knows! As mentioned in the documentary, both the Kinsey Institute and Durex Condoms performed "size studies"... but they let the men measure themselves? Come on! Most men are going to exaggerate the true numbers, not to mention that they probably don't even know how to measure the penis correctly!

Oh yeah, and the Lifestyles Condoms study was so much more realistic. Wait, they performed it on drunken college kids? Half of whom probably couldn't even get a decent erection if they wanted to? In all fairness, any sort of credible study is almost impossible to conduct because of the sensitive nature of the study itself.

Women's Opinion On Size

For most men this part of the film is going to be traumatic. Okay, probably not as bad as the penis surgery section (yikes!) but very depressing nonetheless. The painful truth is that size does matter when it comes to most women. And in as much as I already knew that, it doesn't lessen the feelings of inadequacy that these heartless nags illicit with their inane chattering.

"... the only problem was that when he did get it up, I didn't even realize (it)... he was that small!"

It's difficult to listen to words like that and not feel anger towards the person saying it. What kind of self-centered creature would put that much importance on one aspect of the male body? The (painful) answer is, the majority of the female sex. We shouldn't get upset and shy away from this discovery... it's an important truth even if it hurts.

Research Statistics

Some of the interesting information compiled from the 2005 study:

  • 45% of men are dissatisfied with the size of their penis.
  • 84% of men consider themselves to be "average" sized.

"... in other words, an awful lot of men who think they have average size dicks, wish they were bigger."

Encouraging Penis Disclosure

The section of the film where an attempt is made to get men to talk openly about their penises is rather, well, misguided. The simple fact is, as succinctly inferred by the large black fellow; the only time a man will talk about his penis size is when he himself happens to be well-endowed. I can certainly testify to that end... I talk about my penis more than anyone else I know! But if you're small or just average, what exactly is there to talk about?

Penis Modification and Surgery

When it comes to increasing penis size, there are no limits to the lengths some men would go. But I have never heard of someone trying to use a grease gun for enlargement! That is both incredibly foolish and dangerous.

Although plastic surgery is less barbaric by several orders of magnitude, to me it is still presents an unacceptable risk. I found it surprising that the wife of the guy who is about to undergo surgery seems so unworried by the procedure. Obviously her statement equating a penis size of 4-5 inches to being small is very telling.

The most surprising thing about this part of the film is when Jared (the man preparing to have penis surgery) mentions that his penis is 7 inches in length. That is by no means a "small" penis! Lawrence (the film-maker) obviously understands this, having a 3 inch penis himself, and his attempt to dissuade Jared was admirable. Unfortunately once someone has their mind set on something it's usually almost impossible to reason with them.

To be honest, I don't feel sorry for Jared at all. Like most guys, he wants to take the easy way out. If he's so obsessed with the size of his penis, why not spend the time to enlarge it the natural way? No, it won't happen overnight and it does take commitment and work. It is however, infinitely safer not to mention cheaper.

I am no proponent of surgery, and I mean all surgery not just penile enlargement. When the internal workings of the body are exposed to the outside world, it is open to contamination by bacteria and subject to infection. While surgery is sometimes unavoidable, this does not apply to instances where its sole purpose is cosmetic and for vanity's sake alone. If you had the courage to watch the actual procedure (I admit I had to avert my eyes at one point), then I'm sure you will agree that this type of intrusive operation is by no means "a walk in the park."

The Penis Montage

The final sequence of the movie was a bit too much for me. I mean, holy bunch of penis pictures! If you're into seeing lots of "junk" then this part is probably right up your alley. There's really only one penis I'm interested in seeing and that's my own. It was however interesting to see just how many men actually participated in this project.

In Closing

While I could have done without the closing "penis collage," overall I found this to be an excellent documentary. And although it's certainly not the first of its kind to broach this taboo subject, I feel that it was done in such a way as to be both entertaining and educational. Not only did it give insight into men's obsession with the penis, it also gave us a behind the scenes look at the female perspective.

To be honest, I didn't need a film to validate my beliefs. Yes, size does matter to both men and women. While some might find this revelation to be painfully distressing, I found it inspirational. It is after all the reason why websites such as Penis Resources exist in the first place - to provide the information needed to effect a positive change in your life.

So should you resign yourself to the fact that you have a small and therefore less desirable penis, or do you take the necessary steps to change that? Do you allow the insights gleaned from this film to depress you or do you instead find it motivational? Ultimately, the decision is up to you and you alone.

Posted by PRS
Friday, November 9th, 2007

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6 Responses to "Documentary on Penis Size"

Good Job,Lawrence,your documentary is so good.way to go!!!!!

I have been trying to view the videos but they only come down in short spurts which is so annoying and difficult to view. How can I get a smooth download please?

Hi J,

Video performance has a lot to do with the speed of your Internet connection. You may find better playback if you let the videos buffer first. First allow the video to play for a few seconds and then click pause. Wait a few minutes (or longer) until the video is sufficiently buffered and then resume play. This should enable a more steady download into your browser.

What was the final outcome for Jared? Was the surgery successful? Is he satisfied? What were his post surgery complications?

Hi Bob,

The outcome of the penis surgery is probably only known by one man, Jared himself. This documentary is quite a few years old and as far as I know there haven't been any follow up interviews. I hope everything worked out for him because some post-op complications of penile augmentation surgery are absolutely dreadful.

[...] is a short clip taken from a documentary on penis size entitled "My Penis and Everyone Else's". This clip contains actual video footage of a penis [...]

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