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SizeGenetics SystemPenis extenders are fast becoming one of the more popular methods of penis enlargement used today. While the principal behind their effectiveness (i.e. traction) has primarily remained the same, the technology and techniques employed have greatly advanced. The favorable results of ongoing clinical trials is testament to this. In short, the regular use of these devices when performed in conjunction with a penis exercise program is proving to be a legitimate way to increase penis size. So what more could you want? How about if it was FREE?

In an article I wrote on December 31, 2006, I predicted that one area of penis enlargement that would grow faster than any other was through the use of specialized traction devices. Of course there was room for improvement, such as in increasing the level of comfort for users, but overall the method was sound and scientifically backed. What I didn't anticipate is the length that some manufacturers would go to bring this type of treatment into the mainstream.

I was recently made aware that Permenda Ltd, the company behind the SizeGenetics™ Penis Enlargement System, is essentially giving away their program for free. I already knew that they offered a 6 month money-back guarantee if customers weren't satisfied with the results, but I had no idea just how confident and how far they would go to prove the effectiveness of their system.

According to this page located on their website, they will now refund the full purchase of their system under the limited condition that a client will submit a before and after photo when using their product. That's right... take a picture of your penis before using it and then another at the end of a 6 month trial, send it to them and they will refund your purchase!

You might be wondering how this is possible and why they would be making this offer. The short answer is because they are almost certain it will increase your penis size. Although this is a gutsy move by any company and they run the risk of losing money in the short term, they know that having real photographic testimonials is a sure way to increase their popularity (and revenue) over time. It's just this sort of proof that can alter the publics perception of natural penis enlargement methods.

Right now it's a win-win situation for everyone involved. Clients will have increased their penis size, at zero cost to themselves, and SizeGenetics™ will possess documented photographic evidence that their system does indeed do what it was designed to do.

If you're interested in learning more about this offer, you can visit the official website here:

SizeGenetics™ Free Offer

Note: The above mentioned is valid as of the publishing of this article (Oct. 10, 2007). Penis-Resources cannot know how long it will remain in effect and takes no responsibility for changes to the terms and/or conditions as stated on the manufacturers website.

Posted by PRS
Wednesday, October 10th, 2007


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