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GQ SizeGenetics ArticleWe recently mentioned that the SizeGenetics penis extender was rumored to be featured in an upcoming issue of GQ magazine (Gentlemen's Quarterly). It appears that our source was correct. In the newest edition, James Mullinger of GQ details his experience with the device and confirms some pretty impressive results!

For those who aren't familiar with it, SizeGenetics is a natural penis enlargement system that combines a traction device along with an exercise program. It is designed to stimulate penis growth to increase size and improve overall penile fitness.

While you may never have heard of it before, media coverage including a recent television spot and now a nod from one of the most popular mens magazines is certainly helping to get the word out.

In the original article, Mullinger talks about how he tracked his gains over a 4 month period:

Tale Of The Tape

"One month [starting at 6.8"] A not unimpressive length but it's what you do with it, and I don't do much."

Funny guy, but he's right. His starting size (before any usage of the device) is actually a fairly decent length that many guys would kill for.

"Two months [6.9"] A minor improvement but I am feeling more confident as I'm no longer quite so premature..."

Another added benefit from using the GQ SizeGenetics device. It's important to understand that it's not only effective at increasing the length and girth of the penis, but also for enhancing it's strength and overall functioning.

"Three months [7.1"] Tipping the seven-inch mark for the first time in my life..."

Now that's a feeling that can't be described... it's also the reason why SizeGenetics is quickly becoming one of the most popular natural penis enlargement solutions used today!

"Four months [7.3"] It just grows and grows. The device clearly works but I'm not sure I want it to continue..."

Stopping after only half an inch of growth? Ludicrous! But seriously, it is somewhat unnerving when you start to see the results and feel the penis hanging lower and heavier. If you think that you've gained enough size, you can always stop any time you like and still maintain your gains with only a few minutes of daily exercise.

Still far from a household name, SizeGenetics continues to push the envelope of penis enhancement technology. While all of the recent press coverage certainly spells an exciting time for the company, the true benefactors are the millions of men around the world who finally have a safe and effective way to increase penis size.

For more information regarding the GQ Magazine coverage of the device, please refer to the SizeGenetics article:

SizeGenetics Featured in GQ men's magazine, May 2008 Issue

Posted by PRS
Tuesday, April 8th, 2008

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