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calendarIn 2007, the Penis Resources Blog addressed a variety of informative topics geared towards educating men about their sexual health and introduced improvements that encouraged enhancement and growth for maximum enjoyment. Topics ranging from the joy of experimenting with different sexual techniques to the dangers associated with penis enlargement surgery were all covered throughout the year. This is a re-cap of the highlights of some of the most popular blog entries in 2007 in case you missed them!

One of the most informative series of articles in 2007 covered various exercises that could be used for successful penis enhancement. The "Beginner Penis Exercise Routine," posted on February 24th, began a 5-part series which covered basic techniques to strengthen and enlarge the penis, with the added benefit of giving men more control over and enjoyment of orgasms. Our most popular article entitled "The Jelq-Beginner Exercise Routine, Part III," was posted on February 27th. The Jelq technique itself was created hundreds of years ago and has stood the test of time by remaining the single most famous technique for increasing penis size.

Following the success that Penis Resources Blog had early in 2007 covering basic techniques, a new approach to enhancement through Taoist exercises began in August which introduced a more advanced view of sexual enlightenment and the benefits these methods bring. If you have not yet had a chance to read these articles, "The Mind-Body Connection" was the first blog entry in the Tao series, followed by specific exercise techniques covered in "An Introduction to Taoist Sexual Exercises." For those of you who are serious about experiencing the benefits that penis exercises will bring, you are encouraged to review and implement the techniques in this series.

Throughout the year, Penis Resources offered informative articles covering the many products that are often used in conjunction with an exercise program for maximum benefits. The pro's and con's are always addressed, such as in the article, "Downsides of Homemade Penis Extenders." As the industry catering to penis enhancement grows, so to do the inherent dangers that arise through misuse of 'gadgets' that are not professionally designed and geared towards improving the very sensitive areas of the male genitals. However, great breakthroughs of natural products were also covered throughout the year, such as "Natural Compounds in Male Enhancement Pills" (March 19th), and "Herbal Patches for Penis Enhancement" (June 12th). These were very exciting additions to natural strategies of penis improvement as these supplements have been successfully proven to increase overall effectiveness.

Of course, the primary goal of a larger penis is the increase in pleasure during sexual contact. Penis Resources offered many suggestions throughout 2007 to not only aid in self-fulfillment, but also to bring sexual satisfaction to your partner. "Pleasing Your Woman with Oral Sex" covered the "do's" and "dont's" of oral gratification, offering many options to insure that every love making experience you have will be amazing! Alternative techniques were also covered, as in the article, "Enhancing Your Intimacy with Tantric Sex." This blog entry reinforced the importance of control while having sex, thus giving you an experience that is sure to blow your mind. Do you want to know how to become lost in ecstasy with your lover? Tantric sex is the answer!

"An Orgasm a Day Keeps the Doctor Away" provided sound health benefits that are enjoyed with regular sexual activity. A healthy glow, relief from headaches, even promoting a healthier immune system, are all benefits that semen enhancement brings. Who knew that sex was so good for us! Please read the entire blog entry for more interesting facts on the amazing healing power of love making.

It has been an unprecedented year for Penis Resources, and we look forward to what 2008 will bring! A special 'thank you' to our many readers for your comments and emails, we couldn't do it without you and we value your feedback. Have a very happy and healthy New Year!

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Sunday, January 6th, 2008


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