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External and Internal Penis EnlargementThere are many different types of penis enlargement solutions available to men, some more effective than others. Regardless of the particular method involved, each share the same primary goal, that of increasing the size of the penis. While distinct differences do exist among the various techniques, some proponents favor dividing these systems into two classifications: internal and external penis enlargement. I personally believe that the use of such sweeping generalizations does not accurately reflect the true nature of natural penis enlargement.

So Called "External Penis Enlargement"

Those who support this manner of division often cite 3 popular "external" methods; Extender Devices, Vacuum Pumps and Penis Exercises.

Penis Extender Devices

Penis extenders function on a principal similar to that used in orthopedic surgery. By applying traction force (stretching / tension) to the penis, the cells within begin to divide and multiply under direct stimulation. The resulting increase in tissue mass is reflected in a size increase in both thickness and length.

Penis Pumps

Penis pumps work by creating a vacuum around the penis which causes the tissues to expand and blood flow to accelerate. This results in a temporary increase in the size of the penis.

Penis Exercises

Stretching and massaging the penis through a series of targeted exercises is yet another form of penis enlargement. The main difference between this method and those mentioned above is that penis exercises require manual stimulation and make no use of external equipment.

"Internal Penis Enlargement"

On the other end of the spectrum we have what some would call "internal" penis enlargement. This consists primarily of penis enhancement pills and patches.

Enhancement Supplements

Penis enhancing supplements are generally formulated from herbal extracts and various other natural ingredients. They are designed to improve erection hardness and boost sexual stamina by increasing blood flow to the genitals. While the majority of supplements come in capsule or tablet form, there are some products such as penis patches which work by administering the dosage through the skin directly into the blood stream. Most reputable distributors supply a penis exercise program to be used in conjunction with the supplement in order to achieve maximum results.

Is There Really A Distinction?

One could argue that the first 3 methods adhere to an "external" method of enlargement since they each require physical interaction with the penis. This reasoning however is somewhat dismissive of the actual internal mechanisms at work. With the exception of penis pumps that only produce short-lived results, these treatments actually impact growth at the cellular level. In my mind this qualifies as internal penis enlargement as much as external.

Similarly, the supposed "internal" classification of penis pills and patches neglects to mention the actual external stimulation required for such systems to be effective. These supplements can improve penile functioning and performance but true growth will not occur without some form of physical manipulation. As I mentioned previously, this is the reason why most "enhancement" products are coupled with penis exercise routines. They may certainly enhance your gains but taken by themselves they will not produce much in the way of permanent enlargement.

I do realize that this information may be somewhat inconsequential to those men interested in penis enlargement. Most men are only concerned with the end results and not the particular vehicle chosen to achieve that end. As long as it works right?

While I generally echo that sentiment, I still feel it's important to clearly understand the methodologies behind the practice of penis enlargement. There's too much misinformation online and it's essential that we keep the facts straight.

If you'd like to learn more about the various methods and techniques used to naturally enlarge the penis, please visit our page entitled About Penis Enlargement.

Posted by PRS
Friday, October 9th, 2009


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