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Woman Shocked by Penis SizeEvery now and then a new study appears that touches upon the importance of penis size. These types of studies usually attempt to answer the age-old question of whether penis size matters. While the results can be interesting, definitive proof will always be elusive seeing how the answer is completely subjective - whether or not size matters is, and always will be, based on personal opinion. More relevant than the results of such studies however is the reaction that some men have to the actual findings themselves.

Penis Size Study

The latest publication (PDF) to stir controversy over penis size comes from one Dr. Christopher Morriss-Roberts, a senior lecturer at the University of Brighton. As part of research for his PHD, Dr. Morriss-Roberts conducted interviews with eight collegiate athletes, four of whom were gay and the other four straight.

From his findings he determined that athletes, both straight and gay, commonly looked at each others penises in the locker-room in order to compare size. His research further suggests that athletes were likely to revere those teammates with a larger penis, making it more likely for those men to be seen as leaders within the team collective.

"Those with the larger penises were revered and idolised by their teammates as a symbol of masculinity."

While this isn't particularly shocking, it is enlightening to see the reactions that these findings generate among the readers of several well-trafficked news websites that covered the study.

The Independent: Penis size: Is it really a case of 'cock-supremacy'?

Outsports: Cockocracy: Size matters in the locker room, researcher finds

Medical Daily: The Locker Room Penis Obsession: Male Athletes Spend Large Amounts Of Time Sizing Each Other Up

Jezebel: Male Athletes Are Obsessed With Each Other's Dongs

PinkNews: Do you think penis size matters? This study says it does – but only in some situations

The Daily Mail: Sorry boys, size DOES matter in the locker room: Well-endowed athletes are idolised and seen as more masculine

Browsing through the "comments" sections of those websites reveals a stunning amount of denial and negativity when it comes to the importance of penis size. Aside from the usual clichés, i.e. "it's not the size of the boat it's the motion of the ocean", some commenters exhibit an almost hostile attitude towards the presented facts. Here are just a few of the reactions:

"I think these studies are ridiculous"

"I could care less how big ur dick is..."

"Don't believe this study."

"It's not the size it's how they use it"

"I call bullshit."

"It's not the size of the sword that counts, it's the way that you use it"

"it's the preparation and the motion of the ocean, not the size of the ship"

"Don't despair boys, it is not what you have got, but how you use it, these type of articles should not be news and printed."

"I think these studies are ridiculous! Does size really matter?"

"My friend told me it is not the size it is stiff then I am fine"

"It's not the (sample) size that counts but how you use it!"

"it's not the SIZE of the ocean - it's the INTENSITY of the ocean!"

"A ridiculous article like this should be in Zoo or Nuts, not in what claims to be a serious newspaper."

"...this study is bollocks and not newsworthy."

"It's a funny old world when something so trivial (really) matters to so many."

"I really don't get the obsession with size. I mean, I, of course, enjoy a big one but the obsession with comparing to others just baffles me."

Thou Doth Protest Too Much

It can be terribly difficult to accept that penis size does indeed matter. This is especially true for those men who may not be particularly well-endowed. When confronted with solid evidence, it's a normal reaction to act contrary and become defensive.

I've seen this behavior time and again, both online and offline. To be truthful, there was even a time when I felt much the same way myself. That was of course before I discovered that I didn't have to be stuck with a small penis for the rest of my life. In defense, the majority of men have no idea this is even possible.

It's time to accept the inevitable conclusion that yes, penis size does matter. It matters to both men and women alike. And no amount of denial will ever change this fact.

Fortunately the length and girth of your penis are not measurements set in stone. There are ways to increase penis size that are both safe and affordable (excluding surgery). One of the best methods available today, using a penis enlargement device, has been proven to be effective and is even backed by scientific evidence.

Once you admit that penis size is important then you can work towards improving your situation. I speak from experience when I say that you'll have a greater appreciation for the whole "size matters" issue once you're looking at it from the other side!

Posted by PRS
Wednesday, March 26th, 2014


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