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Man using computerContrary to popular belief, the act of naturally enlarging the penis is not a new practice. In fact, archaeological evidence shows that penis enhancement dates back thousands of years in various cultures from around the world.

Recently the practice of natural penis enlargement has become much more widespread and is slowly entering the mainstream of popular culture. This development is primarily due to two events that have taken place in recent times.

The first event that helped bring penis enhancing practices into the mainstream was the creation and use of the Internet. What the Internet did, more than anything else, was to create a cloak of privacy that allowed people to discover information about things that had been previously considered taboo. While this applies to many more things than penis enlargement alone, the Internet has without a doubt proven to be an incredible resource for exploration into all aspects of male sexuality.

Not only did the Internet allow men to find tremendous amounts of information about penis enlargement, it also gave retailers a new way to reach customers. Prior to the Internet, advertisements for penis enlargement systems were basically limited to the often "creepy" back pages of sex magazines and listed alongside ads for escorts and prostitutes.

The second event that helped to increase the popularity of penis enlargement was the mainstreaming of erectile dysfunction problems. With the creation of drugs like Viagra and Cialis and successful marketing practices, men were now more likely to actually confront and address problems related to penis dysfunction. After erection problems, the next logical step was to address issues of penis size and answer question's like "I'm not happy with the size of my penis, how can I make it bigger?"

The combination of both of these events has served to bring the entire penis health movement into the public eye. Thanks to these two developments and a more open discussion of men's sexual health issues, penis enlargement is now more mainstream that ever before. Considering how much money is spent on health care in general, it's a sure bet that the penis enhancement industry will only continue to grow and evolve.

Posted by PRS
Tuesday, May 8th, 2007

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