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No Penis EnlargementIn a bizarre news article recently published online it was revealed that the Indonesian police force has enacted a ban on penis enlargement for all new recruits. While the reason for the banning is laughable at best, it has raised some concerns among those interested in the practice of natural penile enlargement, particularly for those men living in the country of Indonesia. I'd like to take this opportunity to address those concerns and hopefully put at ease the minds of those men potentially interested in enlarging the size of their penis.

Order To Ban Penis Enlargement

According to the news source, the Indonesian police force has issued an order which will prevent any man having undergone penis enlargement from joining the ranks. If an applicant acknowledges that his penis has been artificially enlarged then he will be considered "unfit" to join the police or military.

What is important to understand, and what seems to be the biggest source of confusion in this matter, is that this restriction is in effect for only those men seeking to join the police. It is not a general ban on penis enlargement for ALL men.

Furthermore, this ruling appears to be limited to one particular form of penis enlargement... and a very strange one at that! From the article:

"Indonesia's remote eastern-most province is home to Papuan tribes ... Papuans use a local technique to achieve the enlargement, according to sexologist Dr Boyke Dian Nugraha, wrapping the penis with leaves from the 'gatal-gatal' (itchy) tree so that it swells up like it has been stung by a bee."

I have heard of many different techniques for increasing penis size but never anything as strange as this! To be honest, I'm not sure why anyone would resort to this type of practice since the results can only be temporary at best. This is a far cry from permanent enlargement methods that are not only safer but virtually undetectable as well (penile traction does not leave any tell-tale signs of artificial enlargement).

Reason For The PE Ban

It is stated in the article that the reason for the ban is that "artificially enhanced organs cause a hindrance during training." I'm at a complete loss to understand how having a large penis can affect your ability to function, either during training or any other activity for that matter.

Unless you've somehow managed to grow a third leg, having a larger than average sized penis will have no effect whatsoever on physical activities. If it were true that a large penis is somehow counterproductive to movement then I imagine many athletes would have a difficult time excelling at sports. Some basketball players for instance are extremely well-endowed yet show no signs of this hampering their ability to compete.

Besides, even for those men who are extremely well-endowed (10+ inches), the size of the flaccid penis is generally much smaller than it is when erect. A pair of support briefs should be more than adequate to keep the penis safely secured.

While the reason for the penis enlargement ban may be directly related to the specific method cited (it does sound a bit risky), I still feel the underlying cause may have its roots in a much deeper issue. Feeling envious of other men based solely upon the size of their penis is nothing new. Perhaps the insecurity about penis size felt by the police hierarchy is simply too much to bear (or bare).

Posted by PRS
Friday, May 7th, 2010


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