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sending emailRecently we have received a number of emails that have been returned as "undeliverable" or "mailbox unavailable" when replied to. If you wish to contact us then please take care that you enter your email address correctly otherwise we have no way of responding to you! I have included the latest such email here because I believe it was an excellent question and also in hopes that the sender will find this response to his inquiry.

Re: things that happened after i stopped exercising my penis

i started doing exercises on my penis for about 2 weeks. i did regular stretches that lasted 30 seconds. i used the v-stretch and bundle stretches a few times. I also jelqed. i gained about half a inch in those 2 weeks. after i stopped for about a week i noticed it was going back down to the size it was before i started the exercises. i was wondering why this happened. i heard if you over do the exercises something like this would happen. i think i over did it with the jelqing.

- George

Hi George,

I don't believe that you over did it, instead I feel that you didn't give it enough time. Penis exercises are a very specialized form of exercise. You are training a part of the body that most men don't so it does take some extra effort.

To be honest with you, 2 weeks is not a very long time to be practicing these exercises. If you stop your training too soon then you are likely to lose the gains you have made. After your body becomes more accustomed to the exercises it will have better retention and you will find that you do not lose the extra size you created.

Another thing that helps is to use supplements during your training. I'm not sure if you were just doing exercises or whether you were taking any herbals along with it, but I always recommend using a combination of the two. Quality supplements help to increase blood flow to the region which keeps the penis in a more active state. This means that you are stimulating your penis even while you are not exercising it and can help to solidify any gains that you make. My first choice for supplements is ProSolution - you can read more about them here:

Again, even while using special pills like ProSolution you will still need to be patient and give it time. After a few months of training you will find that your gains are more consistent and you will not lose them so rapidly. If you remain focused and dedicated, you will be able to reach and maintain the size you want.

Thanks for contacting me George and I wish you the best!

Posted by PRS
Friday, June 29th, 2007

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8 Responses to "Sending Email To Penis Resources"

i have purchase pills from a certain website that had little results for me, also the website says that the penis is not a muscle that it shoul not be excersided since is not a muscle, i'm comfused please advise.thank you also i am more interested in girth than lenght.


There are many different brands of penis enhancement pills and some are more effective than others. Results will vary depending on a number of factors such as individual physiology (how well your body reacts to using these types of supplements) as well as the length of time you have been using them. Incorporating an exercise regimen, however, is probably the most important factor when determining a program's effectiveness.

Yes, it is true that the penis is not a muscle. However, about two-thirds of the penis is made up of the corpus cavernosa, the spongy tissue that runs along the inside length of the penis, which is muscle-like in structure. Obviously exercises which target the penile tissues bear no resemblance to exercises designed to stimulate muscle growth. There are several demonstration videos located on this website that can better illustrate this.

If you'd like me to specifically address any questions you might have, please use the Contact Form and I will do my best to assist you.

wich are the best excersises for penis thickness only .

While there are exercises that tend to favor one specific growth mechanism over another (length vs. girth), you should understand that "spot training" does not really exist. Exercising the penis from multiple angles with varying techniques and over an extended period of time is what initiates change. One particular exercise that you may find helpful however is the "jelq". You can find more information about this on the Jelq Penis Exercise page.

if i dont have the time for the excersises will taking supplements for a longer period of time lets say a year or two, will it give me the same results as the exercises?

To be perfectly honest Carlos, it is the combination of supplements with exercises that actually promotes growth. Penis pills are designed to increase blood flow to the region and stimulate the penis - they are also effective in creating harder and longer erections. But actual penis growth comes from applying specific exercise techniques to stretch and thicken the tissues.

Keep in mind, most exercise programs require only about 7-10 minutes of your time per day. For many men, exercising the penis every other day is more than sufficient. I understand that you may have a very busy schedule but it really doesn't require a whole lot of time to work a program effectively. Penis supplements aid in this by providing stimulation to the penis on a continual basis even when you are not physically exercising it.

How can I work penis increasing sizes exercises on mate without him knowing I am doing this?

Hi Mary,

I really don't see how you'd be able to do that without him knowing. Although most routines take less then 10 minutes per day, it's something that the practitioner needs to do himself and concentrate on. You should probably just mention it to him in passing and see if it's something he's willing to try!

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