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man opening giftHoliday time is here again so I thought I'd take some time to address one of the more common questions I get around this time of year. Right before the holidays, women invariably contact me to ask if buying their significant other a penis enhancement solution is a good gift idea. While my site is primarily geared towards men, we mustn't forget that it is often the women who are just as interested and excited at the prospect of enhancing their sex lives. Well the short answer to this question is... "it depends!"

There are several different types of male enhancement products available including herbal supplements, natural enlargement exercise programs and specialized penis devices. Some of these are geared for erection enhancement or increasing semen output, while others are designed specifically to help enlarge a man's penis. Buying enhancement supplements (such as semen volumizers) could be a good gift idea if you'd like to spice up your sex life a bit. But penis enlargement programs probably aren't something you should just go out and get for your man.

Firstly, many men would probably feel a bit hurt if you bought them something that was supposed to enlarge their penis. Basically you're admitting that you think their equipment is inadequate and that you wish they were bigger! It would be similar to, say, someone buying you a treadmill or other exercise equipment. While the intentions might be sincere, you're really being told that you need to get in shape. Or looking at it from a different perspective, the person is actually saying that you are already "out of shape." While some people might be happy to receive such a gift, I think the great majority would be a bit put off.

Secondly, natural male enlargement solutions are not "quick fixes." It's not like you'd be getting him some sort of miracle pill that would magically increase his penis size. All of these methods, some more so than others, require hard work on the part of the man to get serious results. Natural exercise programs take time and effort to be successful and require a long-term commitment. Imagine telling your guy, "here I signed you up for this program... now you only have to do this everyday for 4 or 5 months and you can make your penis bigger"! You can probably imagine where he's going to tell you to go. Starting on a penis enlargement regimen requires dedication and it's not something you can decide on for your man but a decision he must make himself.

Now there are some ways that you can bring it to his attention without actually causing him any anxiety. My girlfriend for instance, often tells her friends that I am well-endowed and that I have actually worked to make myself so. Many times these women will mention this to the men in their lives. While this will usually cause the men to roll their eyes in their heads (a common and understandable reaction), sometimes I will get an email from one of these men asking me for advice. The women have basically "planted the seed" and if the man really has an interest (and desire) to enlarge his penis then he can take the necessary steps to achieve it. If you give it some thought I'm sure you can think of a way to delicately broach the subject without making him feel uncomfortable.

Natural male enhancement and enlargement is a huge and often misunderstood market. The bottom line is that anyone can achieve what they want as long as they work hard enough at getting it. Your heart might be in the right place when you're thinking of buying someone such a gift, but use a little tact and understand that some "gifts" really cannot be "given."

Posted by PRS
Sunday, December 24th, 2006


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