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Shocked Smileyface ManWhen it comes to the topic of the penis, people sometimes ask the most bizarre and outrageous questions. I recently visited Yahoo! Answers to see just what kind of penis-related questions were being asked. What I discovered were some of the strangest inquiries regarding the penis that I've ever heard! I've included 10 of my favorite questions below for your reading enjoyment.

Strange Penis Questions

Be sure to visit the links for each question. Some of the answers given are absolutely priceless!

  1. Is it safe to clean your penis with listerine? View Question/Answers
  2. How do you stop your penis from bleeding if you nicked it with a steak knife? View Question/Answers
  3. How do you get away with making a penis in pottery class? View Question/Answers
  4. How do I get people to ask me about my penis? View Question/Answers
  5. Why do guys hold their penis in front of the mirror in college bathrooms? View Question/Answers
  6. Why does my left penis hurt in comparison to my right penis? View Question/Answers
  7. Does it effect ur penis in a bad way if you masterbate without porn? View Question/Answers
  8. How can I do number 2 without having my penis touch the water? View Question/Answers
  9. What should be the penis size of King Kong in proportion to that of an average Gorilla? View Question/Answers
  10. Have you ever been to a penis restaurant? View Question/Answers

Just when I thought I'd heard it all... thanks Yahoo!

Posted by PRS
Friday, September 18th, 2009


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