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Penis Extender in LabIn our last article we mentioned one of the latest studies validating penis enlargement using traction therapy. As exciting as this scientific finding may be, it's really only just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the studies that have been conducted to determine the effectiveness of this method. Given the growing body of evidence that supports the benefits of this technique, one might anticipate that these clinical results would receive more widespread notice. This however has not been the case and here we'll look at why this sort of information doesn't seem to generate a tremendous amount of attention.

First let me be clear that I do not believe in some sort of vast conspiracy to keep men in the dark about penis enlargement. There is simply no evidence to support this belief.

Instead, I believe that there are several factors that directly influence the normal dissemination of information. This is particularly true in the medical world where data and statistics are paramount to discovery.

The Evidence Must Be Clear

There is a saying that goes, "extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence" - there is no truer statement in the scientific world, particularly the medical field. Before any definitive claims can be made, the evidence must not only be clear, it must be repeatedly verified until there is no question that it is indeed fact.

So how many clinical trials must be performed before it's safe to say that penis extender devices actually do increase penis size? There is no definite answer to that question but apparently the dozen or so published extender studies aren't quite enough. The evidence is certainly mounting but you cannot fault the researchers for wanting to be absolutely certain of their findings.

Penis Enlargement Is No Medical Breakthrough

Let's be perfectly honest, the discovery of a method to naturally enlarge the penis may be great news for many men but it's certainly not a medical breakthrough. Finding the cure to cancer would be something celebrated worldwide. Allowing men to increase the size of their penis without surgery, not so much.

This is most likely the reason why the majority of penis traction device studies are focused on the treatment of Peyronie's Disease. Penile curvature is a demonstrable problem and there is no doubt that finding a solution would benefit a great number of men with this serious affliction.

The great news is that penis extenders have exhibited proven success in terms of reducing penis curvature. The fact that these men also display a noticeable increase in penis measurement, while exciting, is usually only mentioned in passing. Researchers are more concerned with curing a disease, and rightly so, than in validating a method whose primary benefit is to elevate a mans ego.

Does Size Really Matter?

The last point brings us to the true heart of the matter. Does penis size really matter? Even if penis extenders do increase size, is this something that deserves the attention of the scientific community?

For the most part, I don't believe that the majority of researchers give one iota whether it does or does not increase penis size. Having a small penis may be an unfortunate biological trait but it's certainly not a life impacting health disorder.

Now I ask again, does penis size matter? It really depends on who you're asking! Ask yourself that question because only you can answer it truthfully.

Penis enlargement is no miracle and it probably doesn't deserve to be treated as such. But it is important to some men, enough so that they're willing to take steps to achieve it.

In essence, that's primarily why this website exists - to get the information out to those who actually care about such things. Using penis enlargement devices to increase size may not be a groundbreaking discovery, but to many of us, it's actually something that does matter quite a great deal.

Posted by PRS
Tuesday, October 23rd, 2012

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