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surprised woman in bedMen love women with big breasts and a nice booty, so it's only fair for us girls to want you guys to have bigger equipment! It has been revealed in many independent studies that the majority of women surveyed wished that it were possible for their partners to increase their size. Here are some of the main reasons why having a larger penis is preferred by women.

Just the sight of an erect, well endowed man is an instant turn on for us and the thought of sex at that point excites us. The anticipation of being penetrated by a perfect male sex organ makes the vagina very wet with desire even before a woman is touched by her man, setting the tone for explosive sex. This is something that ALL women crave!

It's also important to a woman that when a man is inside of her, that his penis be long and thick enough to hit her hot spots. A larger sex organ is capable of physically stimulating these areas of a woman's vagina and stimulating the clitoris at the same time. There are many pleasure centers, located in the walls and deep inside the vagina. When a small or average size penis penetrates a woman, there is still a lot more room for stimulation. A man with a large penis is able to reach those deep areas and pleasure zones, resulting in a far more gratifying experience. The clitoris is also stimulated when the base of the penis hits that pleasure button just right, leading to a powerful orgasm for your lady.

When we reach orgasm after deep vaginal penetration, the orgasm is much more satisfying and lasts longer. Women will achieve multiple orgasms more often since their bodies are in a more receptive state of anticipating penetration by their large sized lovers.

An important reason why women tend to love men with a large penis is the sexual confidence they project when in the bedroom. These men are usually more focused on giving their woman a great time in the bedroom. In contrast, a man with a small or average size penis tends to be more concerned with his performance and tends to hold back. This state of mind gives room for anxiety and fear, which will often lead to premature ejaculation or loss of erection for such men.

This website is devoted to educating men on the best methods to increase their penis size. Now you know how us women feel about it, it's a good time to look into how you can enhance the size of your penis and please your lady!

Posted by LoveRat
Sunday, June 8th, 2008

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5 Responses to "Why Women Love a Big Penis"

Hello LoveRat,

Thank you for your honest and insightful remarks. It's always refreshing to hear a female perspective on this often controversial subject.

Your reference to the visual aspect of arousal reminded me of a paper published by The Journal of Sexual Medicine regarding film clips used in female sex research. This study was performed to discover what type of erotic material would best be suited to optimize the female sexual response.

Although this particular study was based more on situational factors (the results showed the most appealing and physically arousing films tended to exhibit heterosexual behavior with vaginal intercourse and the least appealing and least physically arousing films tended to depict male homosexual behavior, fellatio, and anal intercourse), it did make me wonder how penis size itself would factor in.

I'm assuming that since they used traditional adult videos as the source material, most of the male performers were probably already well-endowed. It would be interesting to see a study that used various penis sizes as the base criteria and how that ultimately affected arousal responses. Of course I don't think anyone would be surprised by the outcome of that!

A women who knows her heart and knows what she wants. This is what most women want. Sure your right. I have been saying this all along. Having a big penis does have it's benefits. A sizzling hot story.

My first hubby had a small cock. Our sex life was ok, but I never bragged about him to my friends. After he died, I met John again who I worked with for 15 years and had a reputation in our office of being very hung. I went to Cabo with him, saw his huge cock, and have been bragging about his cock to my friends every day.

i have bigg 9inch i can satisfaid all kind of female as she like

I must admit that the bigger the better. I had quite a few men in my hey days and until I met a guy who was about 9 inch did I feel how good it was. He made me cry with joy and for the first time did I have multiple ogasm. He did different styles. And could reach where nobody went. He was my best.

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